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Making Life a Little Easier

Making Life a Little Easier

Making Life a Little Easier

Sometimes it feels as if there is an app available for almost anything from using some of your spare time playing at an online casino like lucky nugget to naming your unborn child, there is an app for it so it comes as no great surprise that the best advice and help you can get before and during a trip abroad comes from a range of different apps.

When you begin to consider the amount and quality of apps available is seems almost inconceivable that it was only a decade ago since Steve Jobs launched the very first generation of iPhones and boy have they come along since then. You can experience the advancement in technology just by looking at one of the many top quality online casinos available.

When online gambling first went mobile the games were, to be frank, awful with poor graphics and a Wi-Fi that ran at a snail’s pace. Now we can play a full range of games, take advantage of mobile exclusive offers and promotions plus keep in touch with all the latest related news articles in High Definition.

When you apply this advanced technology to travel apps you are presented with apps that can assist you in planning, packing and when you are at your chosen destination.

Hopper shows you the cheapest time to book your flights and is a free app to download. All you need to do is select your destination and leave the rest to the app which will let you know when the cheapest time is to go on to the selected destination, and you can then watch for any changes before you actually book.

The app Packing Pro gives you the option to pick from different categories and help even the most organised of us feel good.

Stylebook is the app for you if you want some advice about what to take. You need to take pics of your holiday gear and then the app will do the rest and style you to an inch of your life

PackPoint asks you to select your destination, your reason for traveling there, what type of activities you will be getting up to and your travel dates and then watch the app do the rest. The app checks the weather during your stay and filters you packing needs to match.

Once you are at your destination then Tip Calculator makes sure you are up to date with the different tip cultures and XE currency helps you keep a check on what you are spending.

You can’t really beat Google Translate in the native language of the country you are visiting, nothing beats being to speak the very basics even if it is just please and thank you.

Finally if you are going on a city break then using the app LiveTrekker will make your life so much simpler as it tracks each step you take. This digital diary allows you can check where you have been record your surroundings and add photographs from each place and share with others which means that for those who might be travelling for some time can reassure others at home that they are fine and well.

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