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Would You Like a Foreign Biscuit with That?

No matter where in the world you drink a cup of tea you will want a biscuit with it. After all, a drink’s too wet without one. So what biscuits are you likely to come across on your travels?  Here are some of the best ones which are made and eaten in some of the countries you might be interested in visiting.


This is a German biscuit which is made using a mold so that an intricate design is pressed into them. They are most common in the run up to Christmas and they are lovely. If you are planning on seeing one of the famous Christmas markets in Germany then you might want to take some of these home with you.


This is a type of sweet biscuit found across South America but the ones in Argentina are probably the best ones. There are two different types of alfajor commonly sold; homemade, light and crumbly ones and factory produced chocolate covered ones with firmer biscuits in the middle stuck together with dulce de leche. Both types are fantastic with the latter being a good deal sweeter.


These Polish gingerbread cookies have been popular for centuries. These days they are often made in shapes such as hearts or stars. If you travel to Poland near Christmas time you should be sure to try them, while you can also find recipes online if you want to give baking yourself them a try at home. Your family will thank you for it.


This is a type of waffle cookie which is traditionally eaten in Norway. It doesn’t look like the kind of biscuit Brits are used to eating with their tea but we can class it as a biscuit if we use our imagination a little. They are rolled up into cones and look a bit like crepes. While Norway is their spiritual home, you may also come across in Germany and even as far away as the USA. They are often filled with sweet stuff, so unless you have a very sweet tooth you are more likely to eat one as a dessert rather than with your tea.


These are Algerian biscuits which are formed in the shape of a crescent and filled with chopped up almonds. The North of Africa is a great place to eat some biscuits or sweets and you are almost certain to come across some things you have never eaten before. They also drink a lot of tea in this part of the world, although it may take you some time to get used to it.


The food is sure to be one of the highlights of any trip you make to France. These biscuits are a round type of shortbread which are crumbly and really rather fine. There are different flavours of them made, with almond, orange and lemon among the most popular. They are traditionally eaten in the Normandy region, although you might get lucky and find some elsewhere.

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