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How Far Will Your Next Trip Take You?

One of the very best things about travelling is that it doesn’t really matter too much where you go. There are great things to see and do all over the planet, so which of the following approaches will you take you for next trip?

Go to Another Part of the UK

There are some very good reasons why the UK is such a popular travel destination for people from other countries. We have fantastic cities like London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Belfast, Manchester, Cardiff and a lot more. We also have some of the finest countryside you will see anywhere, an amazing number of historic sites and plenty of interesting food, festivalsand people. A good idea for a quick and low cost trip is to look at a map of the UK and pick a place you have never been to before. You might be surprised at the number of places you can choose from, with remote Scottish islands, peaceful English villages, stunning Welsh countryside and welcoming Northern Irish towns all well worth checking out.

Go to Mainland Europe

A lot of Brits don’t seem to realize just how lucky we are. Our country sits right next to a good number of the most exciting travel destinations on the planet. For example, France, Italy and Spain are three of the most visited countries in the world every single year. You could spend a lifetime going round any one of these countries seeing amazing places like Paris, Rome, Madrid, Cannes, Venice, Barcelona and a lot more besides. Then you have countries like Holland, Germany, Belgium and Portugal almost on our doorstep. Mainland Europe is such a diverse and historic place than once you go there you are likely to want to keep going back every year.

Go to a Challenging Distant Location

We could probably class Asia, Latin America and Africa as challenging distant locations. In most of these countries you are going to run into language problems and they also don’t enjoy the same sort of infrastructure are more developed places. However, these are hugely exciting, exotic destinations with welcoming people. They are also among the cheapest places you could ever travel to and even the thought of a long haul flight isn’t as daunting as it once was.

Go to an Easier Distant Location

Perhaps we could also lump Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada together and call them easier distant locations. You won’t have many language problems here, the culture is generally similar to the British one and food isn’t likely to be as much of a problem either. Having said that, you will still be very aware that you are far from home and living out an exciting travel adventure in a distant land.

No matter where you go you will find great destinations and friendly people, so what’s stopping you from packing your bags and hitting the road for an unbelievable travel adventure? Wherever you go to you won’t regret it.

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