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Home Is Where The Art Is: 6 Museums You Must Visit In The UK

Who told you that you have to travel to mainland Europe to enjoy fine arts and museums? You don’t have to look abroad for cultural diversion. Everything you need is right at hand, within the borders of the United Kingdom. Here’s a list of my favorite must-see museums located on the land of Her Majesty The Queen…

1. The British Museum

Let’s start with a classic. The British Museum, established back in 1753 from the collection of Sir Hans Sloane, is one of the most popular museums of the world. Every year The British Museum hosts millions of visitors, attracted by more than 13 millions objects, conveniently located along its nine divisions, each covering one of the major civilizations of the past. A must-see if you are visiting London.

2. Natural History Museum

If you didn’t leave London yet and you had enough of arts and human history, it may be worth to move to the Natural History Museum, in Kensington and Chelsea. There are many reasons to visit this museum, including its collection of more than 70 million items, including Darwin specimen, Mars rocks, dinosaurs reproductions and its vast geological museum. Entrance is free, so better you don’t miss it.

3. National Railway Museum

We covered arts and natural history. Now it’s time to move to what modern men did. The National Railway Museum, included in the wider Museum of Science and Industry, is located in York, hosting more than 800.000 visitors per year. The collection displayed includes more than 100 locomotives and more than 2000 items related to railways history. A must-see for tourists with an “engineering” tooth. It may be extremely entertaining for children too. Who didn’t dream of owning the biggest railway modelling set of the world?

4. Beaulieu National Motor Museum

Enough with railways! It’s time to move to car, fast cars, fast British cars. At the Beaulieu National Motor Museum you will get the chance to admire over 250 cars and motorcycles that created the British motoring legend. A must see for tourists with a passion for cars and vehicles in generals, The Beaulieu National Motor Museum hosts lots of journals, films, photographs and audio documents, covering from the pioneering era to the modern times. It is great experience, waiting for you at the hearth of Hampshire.

5. Tate Modern

Let’s get back to modern times and art. Tate Modern is one of the world’s finest museums. It hosts modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 to modern times. A must see for people visiting London, even for the ones who can’t really get the gist of modern art. You don’t want to go back to your place and tell to your friends that you missed Tate Modern.

6. Queen’s Gallery

Doesn’t the Kingdom belong to Her Majesty the Queen? Let’s pay her a visit. The Queen’s Gallery, located at Buckingham Palace, offers to the visitors a tour at the hearth of the Royal Collection, the collection of art and pictures that the Queen owns in trust for the nation. An incredible experience that is hosted at the heart of the Kingdom, right in the palace where the Queen lives.

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