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Head to Spain for Adventurous Festivals

You probably already know about the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona. This is a high octane Spanish festival which attracts tourists from all round the world. However, it isn’t the only wacky festival this country has to offer. In fact, if you fancy adding a bit of excitement to your life then a trip across to Spain could do the trick.

Throwing Tomatoes All Day

The Tomatina festival is getting more and more popular among people who love to throw tomatoes at each other. It happens in August each year in the town of Buñol. The action starts with locals trying to climb up a greased pole to grab a ham. When trucks arrive to dump tens of thousands of ripe, specially grown tomatoes the fun really starts. This should probably be recommended as some sort of therapeutic break for stressed out business people looking to let off some steam. It is becoming increasingly popular with foreign travellers and the scenes of tomato-based devastation in the town after the action is over are sure to form a lingering memory for you if you take part in it one year.

The Devil Jumping Over Babies

This next Spanish festival is possibly even weirder and certainly harder to explain. If you can imagine a guy dressed as a colourful devil character you are halfway there. Now if you can imagine him jumping over babies who are lying prostrate in the middle of the street then you have got the idea. Castrillo de Murcia is where this bizarre event happens and it is said to be a way of cleansing the spirits of the babies. They have been jumping over babies for almost 4 centuries here, although it is a festival which has attracted its fair share of controversy too. It seems that the Vatican isn’t too happy with local priests taking part in the event, but the locals are fiercely proud of their unique and unfathomable festival, as well they should be too.

Bashed by Two Villages

There are plenty of other wonderfully strange festivals in Spain but the one which might grab your attention most of all is the Fiesta de Cascamorras in the Granada region. Guadix and Baza are two neighbouring villages round here and a long, long time ago someone from Guadix tried and failed to steal a religious figure from Baza, getting a bashing from both sets of villagers but ironically bringing the communities closer together in their worshipping. Every year some hapless local dressed up as a clown gets sent over to Baza to get covered in paint. As he returns to Guadix empty handed he gets more paint thrown over him. He might also get the odd thump throughout the fiesta as well. In fact, quite a few thumps are guaranteed if we are being honest. If you fancy a festival in another part of the country then you will find that there are interesting options all over Spain, mainly during the summer months.

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