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Happy Holidays Around the Mediterranean

Looking for your perfect summer holiday will depend firstly on what type of holiday you want to have, secondly how far you want to travel, and thirdly how much you wish to spend. Now these three are guidelines and not static rules, often I have been looking for an adventure style vacation and got seduced by a beach holiday on the way. But it is good to get you thinking about what you want from your time away.

If you would like to be in a country that is a little different, with your week turning into something which is not quite so run of the mill, then Tunisia holidays 2013 might interest you. Located in North Africa, Tunisia offers plenty of history and culture to captivate your interest, as well as hot weather and gorgeous beaches. No doubt you will find it a thoroughly fascinating, yet different kettle of fish.

On the subject of fish, if the thought of a little diving during your holiday tickles your fancy then consider Egypt as your next destination. With the Red Sea offering some of the world’s most sought after dive sites you will certainly find all of the help and advice – as well as dive buddies – you could ever need. And of course the rest of this magical country is well worth seeing while you are on dry land.

If dry land is what you fancy, and you’re after a classic holiday hotspot with plenty of sunshine, nothing too complicated and some lovely beaches to warm your toes on, then Menorca holidays will be right up your street. Menorca is an island grouped together with Majorca and Ibiza, just off the coast of mainland Spain. Menorca is the quietest of the three and is a real gem. With plenty of nature and beautiful landscape it goes to show you do not necessarily have to go too far from home to enjoy the best holidays.

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