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Great Museums of Tokyo

For history buffs and travel enthusiasts alike, museum-hopping is a very popular travel activity. Visiting the museums of different places gives you a better understanding of the culture and traditions of the place. It simply further enhances the touring experience. On this note, there is no place richer in history and culture than Japan. The Japanese take such great pride in their rich traditions and colorful past, as well as their thriving present culture. These are beautifully preserved in their various museums. Tokyo boasts a number of great museums that any tourist should not fail to see.

Edo Museum

The Fukugawa Edo Museum is a museum dedicated to the Edo period of Tokyo. The interior of the building consists of three (3) areas, each representing an era in Edo’s evolution. The divisions are aptly named the Edo Zone, the Tokyo Zone, and a Special Exhibits Gallery. The Edo Zone displays the ways of the people according to their lifestyle, economics, political period, and culture during the Edo period. The most notable piece in this area is the replica of the Nihonbashi Bridge. The Tokyo Zone, on the other hand, illustrates the influences of the Europeans and Americans to Japan. It also depicts the history of the country from World War Two and the rebuilding efforts of the people during the Showa era.  Lastly, the Kabuki Theater and the live performance of artists playing the Japanese traditional instrument, the sou, are the attractions of the Special Exhibits Gallery.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

This museum, as its name implies, is home to several distinguished contemporary art pieces. By definition, contemporary arts are post modern arts and made during this lifetime. The Museum of Contemporary Arts offers a variety of exhibits that would pop up anytime. The past notable exhibits are that of Marilyn Monroe and the Girl with Hair Ribbon. Most recently, the museum garners the acclaimed Hideaki Anno’s TOKUSATSU Special Effects Exhibits, which caters to the craftsmanship of special effects during the Showa, and Heisei era of Japan. It features a miniature skyline of Tokyo with complete accessories such as the different vehicles used during that time with many other vehicles and characters from the sci-fi films.

Tokyo Museum of Maritime Science

The Maritime Science Museum holds an exhibit of anything nautical related, the building itself looks like a ship of an ocean liner type. It is a six (6) story structure with the lower decks dedicated to engineering, and science of ship building. Also found in the same building are the gigantic turbines, displaying the ship propulsion and ship designs. The upper decks hold the replica of the imperial navy ships of world war one and two like the giant replica of battleship Yamato. Also in the same museum are the submarines, ferries, container ships, supertankers, and some wooden boats. The museum has a section for radio controlled boats where the hobbyists and kids can play. The outdoor area has an observatory and a seaside pool perfect for hot days. It also showcases the Soya, a real icebreaker type of ship, moored at the site of the museum.

Tobu World Square

The Tobu World Square is a theme park that displays miniature buildings and infrastructures. It displays more than a hundred world heritage site buildings replicated down to a 1/25th scale of the actual size. Likewise, about a hundred forty thousand (140,000) miniature people, also downsized to a 1/25th scale, add a more realistic feel to the replica structures. You’d most likely feel like a giant while touring the Tobu World Square.

The museum boasts a display of impressively accurate scale models. The awe-inspiring intricately detailed work extends to everything, including the miniature people, motor vehicles, planes, boats and others. There are complete replicas of world heritage sites, providing great insight into the lifestyle and ways of the people with regards to their environment. The exhibits let you feel like you’ve visited the actual places in one single theme park. You can tour the Sphinx, Pyramid, and Petra of Egypt; go to Europe at the Eiffel Tower; visit the United States courtesy of the White House; or traverse Asia with the Forbidden City of China and the many attractions of Japan.

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