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Good Eats in England

A popular place to visit and live, England has much to offer for all ages and interested. Touring and sightseeing top the list, but what about food? Everyone eats, and everyone likes to eat well. Consider the following list when choosing where to dine.

What Sounds Good?

The most important thing to ask yourself when choosing from one of the many restaurants in England is, “What sounds good?” What is it that you’re exactly craving? When it comes to different types of food, England venues have plenty of options.

The Hand & Flowers

Perhaps you’re interested in dining in a small pub, where the chef’s classic menu items completely rely on seasonal ingredients. Because of this factor, you can bet on the menu changing quickly and often. However, you can count on one item never changing and always being available: roast beef and pork, which is served on Sundays.

Located at 126 West Street in Marlow , The Hands & Flowers offers indoor seating, as well as outdoor seating, for when the weather is beautiful and cooperating. Lunch and dinner are always served, and if you’re in the mood, there’s a full bar and a dining bar.

Three Fishes

Are you travelling with a group? If so, then this place is perfect for you. Three Fishes at Mitton Road, Mitton, is a simple restaurant, which is known for group seating. Their motto is quite easy to remember: “real pub, real food, real beer.”

Different menu items include, but are not limited to: the Lancashire hotpot, lamb, potatoes, cabbage, three-week-aged steaks, and much more. It’s also advises to take part in the cheese tour offered, giving you the opportunity to sample different cheese boards, breads, butter, and chutney.

Fox & Anchor

Consider the Fox & Anchor at 115 Charterhouse St, Greater London. With six different rooms available to stay in, it’s noted that you might want to pack earplugs as loud music from the pub can be heard late into the evening.

Business and leisure travellers are both welcomed to this cosy pub. British ales are always available, as well as food items that provide locally sourced ingredients. Specific modern British dishes that can be seen on the menu include, but are not limited to: half pint of prawns, fish pie, and why not try the English fennel salad.

St. John Bar & Restaurant

Are you a vegetarian? If so, then St. John Bar & Restaurant isn’t the place for you. This popular venue offers nothing but meat and more meat. At 26 St John Street, London this restaurant uses every aspect of the animal to prepare to meals, such as bone marrow to chitterlings, and even a calf’s liver. This approach to cooking is also known as “nose to tail.”

Making reservations for dining at St. John & Restaurant is highly recommended. Or perhaps you would prefer take-out? You won’t go away thirsty, either. A full bar and dining bar is both available.

There are numerous restaurants and pubs to choose from when visiting England. It’s important to first decide what you like or what you’re currently in the mood for i.e. meant, salad, fish, alcohol, and then choose which venue would most appropriately fit your needs.

This is a guest post by Jo Tumble, blogger and a travel enthusiast. For more travel ideas, visit the link.

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