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Going All-Inclusive Could Save You Cash

An all-inclusive holiday may at first glance seem pricey compared to other choices.

Self-catering apartments are far cheaper in the initial spend, certainly, but in many popular holiday destinations, the price of groceries and meals out is extortionate.

If you are travelling to Thailand then you can easily eat well from roadside vendors for only a few pounds a day.

If you are travelling to Paris then the same few pounds will just barely get you a single beer.

As a family with children, the cost of eating out every night adds up quickly. Even if you spend time searching out the cheaper cafes and restaurants, you are still looking at spending a minimum of forty pounds per meal for a family of four.

Choosing all-inclusive deals at Virgin Holidays gives you unlimited free food and drink within your hotel complex for the duration of your stay.

An all-inclusive hotel will serve three meals a day as standard, which will usually be buffet style and include a wide range of local produce, native dishes and simple English fayre with both hot and cold selections at every meal.

On top of this, there are poolside snacks available all day and unlimited tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine and local spirits to be enjoyed. Some deals include nearby restaurants as well for when you fancy a change of scenery.

When you have growing children on holiday with you, it can be a relief to be able to let them grab snacks and eat plenty at meal times without having to worry about the bill.

Holidays are more relaxing when you don’t have to stick to a strict budget – going all-inclusive leaves you free to eat and drink as much as you like and save the spending money for souvenirs or day trips out.

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