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Go To The Source: Sample The World’s Best Tea In These 5 Countries

Apart from the rare and random person who grows their own tea, no one else fancies his or her tea more than we British do. Tea is a wicked nice beverage that is revered for its exquisite taste and energy-giving fantasticness. The best tea is no doubt a fountain of satisfaction for us Brits, and it’s no surprise with the low mortality rate that is linked to our tea-drinking habits.

Numerous travel destinations blend well with a wonderful tea experience and if you’re a fellow Brit, get ready to be gob-smacked by a worthwhile experience.

The five best tea-producing countries, as decided by Travel & Tea, are China, India, Kenya, Vietnam and Turkey. A few others produce good brands too, but no doubting that these five have an excellent record are the cat’s pajamas.

1. China

A getaway to the world’s most populated country is an unforgettable experience. Visiting China, you will be awed by the warmth, comfort and welcoming atmosphere from the moment you step off the plane. This country has a lot of respect and admiration for their tea, and they are not afraid to show it. That is why they produce the best teas that keep tourists coming back for more. One aspect that lingers after a visit to this country is the jovial mood of the people that lingers like the fresh aroma of a nice brew.

2. India

India is a country on its own level. One unique aspect about them is their love of cricket that is evident everywhere you go on the subcontinent. This love is also translated to the passion they have in producing their tea. Some of the best teas and cricket players in the world come from India, and if you’re a Brit with an infatuation for the game, visiting this beautiful nation you’ll get a chance to kill two birds with one stone. After a game, you can also have a taste of their spicy, mouth-watering dishes.

3. Kenya

Kenya is a country full of people with big hearts. Even though it’s a third world country with its fair share of problems, you can always expect a wonderful time. The people work diligently, and this can be seen from the quality of tea they produce. Kenya is a small country, but the people who occupy it have made it a great nation, known all around the world. One of the top reasons to visit this country is a rare chance to see top class athletes famous for breaking records. Moreover, you get a chance to taste the best tea from the region and enjoy its remarkable taste.

4. Turkey

This country produces two unique tea brands, Rize and Cay, both of which are produced near the Black Sea. The beautiful landscape of Turkey is a sight to see and complements the wonderful treatment from residents.

5. Vietnam

Vietnam is a well-known tea-drinking nation and with their quality tea, it’s not hard to see why. Visiting this country, you will be fancied by the great attention you get from the residents.

So that’ll do it. How about a cuppa?


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