Get your personal planner for a stag weekend in Prague

An article exploring why Prague is a fantastic location for a stag weekend along with the benefits of having an expert planner creating your itinerary for you.

Why Prague?

Prague is the beautiful capital city in the Czech Republic. It is quick and easy to get to as flights from the UK are around 2 hours and the flights are cheap as many low cost airlines fly direct. The Czech Republic is part of the EU so no visa is needed to visit.

How to organise it?

Nightlife_Stag Prague

Having an expert planner to organise your stag weekend abroad can be a great way to know you and your friends will experience the best Prague has to offer without having to spend lots of time researching it yourself. Specialists at Redseven or similar companies have many years experience of organising stag weekends all over the world and will have plenty of contacts to arrange the activities you want to enjoy during your time away.

When to go?

The spring and summer temperatures are very similar to UK temperatures so not much acclimatisation will need to take place. The winter months can be quite cold and regularly drop below freezing so warm clothes will be needed when exploring the city.

What to do?

Specialist help from Redseven will assist you in making the most of your stag weekend in Prague. Take a river cruise during the day on the Vltava River followed by lunch at a splendid restaurant overlooking the river. Or visit the castle, the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge to experience some of the Prague culture and to witness its history.

The historic centre of Prague was designated a world heritage site in the early 1990’s with a lot of the architecture being from the Gothic and Renaissance eras. Prague was taken over by the Nazis in 1939 and was witness to some terrible atrocities. It didn’t suffer too much damage during World War II so many of its historical buildings are still standing. It is the sixth most popular European city to visit behind, London, Rome, Madrid, Paris and Berlin.

Prague is full of places to eat and drink which has made it popular with stag weekends in recent years. Your specialist planner can arrange outdoor activities for you like 4×4 driving or paint balling if you would like. 5 a side football, tank driving or indoor sky diving are popular activities too. For evening entertainment there are strip clubs and mud wrestling venues.


There is a whole range of accommodation to choose from in Prague to suit every budget. Basic hotels will serve you well for a weekend while those looking for a little bit of luxury can find several 5star establishments in the heart of the city.

Getting around Prague is easy too as many stag weekend organisers will arrange for private transfers from the airport to your chosen accommodation. Prague itself has a plentiful bus and train service making the city that is home to 1.3 million people accessible to all.

Prague has been a popular destination for hen, stag and general weekend visitors for a number of years. It is a very cosmopolitan city that has a vibrant night life and plenty of activities to whet everyone’s appetite during the day. It is a cheap place to visit and its beautiful surroundings make it a very popular city. If you’re looking for the perfect stag weekend location then a city like Prague could be just what you are looking for.

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