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Forget the Tea for a Minute and Take a Coffee Break

Some of the best travel memories you can build up are those where you sit back and sip a nice drink while enjoying watching the world go by. In the UK you might do this with a cup of tea but what if you go a country with a strong tradition of coffee drinking?

There are a great many places where you can enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee and really feel a part of the local culture. Here are a few of the best ones.


You will find that even a humble looking restaurant or café here can serve you an amazing cup of coffee in Colombia. some of the finest coffee in the world is grown and served here. There are a number of tours of the country’s coffee growing region available and these are eye opening experiences. . If you are in neighbouring Ecuador then you will also enjoy some great coffee, although Colombia is where you should really take advantage of the national produce. Perhaps the biggest compliment we can pay to Colombian coffee is that you will probably starting looking out for in your local supermarket once you get back home.


Contrary to what some people think, Turkish coffee is a way of preparing the drink rather than something made with special beans from the region. It can be made using any kind of coffee bean and is found in many of the countries around Turkey too. However, if you sit down in a café in Istanbul with a cup of this amazing drink you will feel as though you are really sampling the way of life. You might like it enough to try it at home. Basically, it involves grinding up the coffee beans very finely and adding them to boiling water. This results in a thick, creamy type of coffee with the ground beans settling at the bottom of the cup.


Maybe you wouldn’t automatically assume that Finland would be a good choice of destination for a coffee drinking holiday. However, there is a very good reason for including it here; it is the top country in the world in terms of coffee consumption. They drink 12 kg per person per year, which is a pretty staggering amount. In the UK we only consume 2.8 kg per person. After Finland the next highest placed countries are in the same part of the world; Norway, Iceland and Denmark.  Even in Colombia they only consume 1.8 kg per person per year. So what is so special about the coffee in Finland? Well, they certainly don’t grow the stuff here but it seems that drinking a cup of coffee or three is a huge part of the national culture. Apparently they like it very lightly roasted here and coffee breaks are a mandatory part of the day in Finnish work places. After spending some time here you might get so used to seeing Finns drink coffee that you end up addicted to the stuff as well.

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