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Exciting Ways to Explore the UK?

B&B tour

Touring the UK is an experience of a lifetime. There is a lot of cultural and geographical diversity that leaves you expecting something new and exciting around the corner. Be it the Lake District, Cornwall’s beaches, London’s city life, Newcastle’s history, Wale’s scenery, or Scotland’s mystery, you will always have something to enjoy.

B&Bs tours are a great option for those wanting to experience UK’s diversity. They are more flexible, diverse, and friendly. It would be wise to plan your trip ahead of time, and then book the necessary B&Bs you will stay at in good time. However, the beauty of this accommodation is that you will more often than not be able to find accommodation on short notice, especially if it is off season and in somewhere where they are plentiful. For example, you should never struggle to find a bed and breakfast in Blackpool, the king of B&B destinations!

The opportunity to have local hosts, homely accommodation, and delicious breakfasts should make your journey all the more exciting as you explore the UK.

Stay in holiday cottages in Scotland

Scotland is a diverse area, in terms of its geography. There are many different landscapes and natural features to explore. What’s more, there are historic features too: ruined and restored castles, old cities, poetic manors and so much more. Whether you are wandering in the streets of Edinburgh, playing in the world class golf courses of Ayrshire, or wandering the rural highlands, you will almost always find a cottage nearby.

Cottages are usually located outside the city, so usually you’ll be a short drive away. The facilities are commonly modern too. If you are visiting somewhere more remote in Scotland then you’ll likely have a car anyway so that shouldn’t cause an issue. For a visit to somewhere like Oban on the west coast, a holiday cottage is perfect. You get the privacy to enjoy beautiful surroundings but still in touching distance of the main town. There is a wealth of Oban accommodation to choose from, but I would recommend a holiday cottage without doubt.

If you are out to have fun, you can hire a local chef and housekeeper to handle the menials while you enjoy your break. Make sure that you soak up the beauty and restorative power of Scotland before heading back to your daily routine.

Take a guided tour

While wandering the country by yourself may sound like an adventurous idea, it most probably will have you wasting time and resources. Taking the avante garde tour routes without someone to hold your hand may get you in a muddle. That is why taking a guided tour is a great idea. There are plenty of good UK tour operators out there to choose from, so you should be able to get a good price too.

A guided tour doesn’t have to be a boring, rigid, scheduled tour through tourist trap sites. The best guided tours are done with energetic, creative, and flexible local guides. These guides will plan your itinerary based on your preference and interests, helping you sample lesser known local attractions for a more memorable trip. Did I mention that they are cheaper too? However, finding such individuals may be a challenge.

As a result, you may have to get a tour company. However, ensure that you get one that uses local guides, and recognizes that you may want to wander off the path. You can even discuss with them before hand to let them know about your preferences. Doing so will allow you to experience the best of the local scene quickly.

This is a guest post from Tom at Malta Holidays, a great place to holiday if you want to escape the UK weather!

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