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Escaping The British Winter: Top Bargain Destinations

During the winter period in the U.K, days are usually quite cold, dull, grey and really wet. This translates to spending more time in-doors than one would like. But all is not lost as there is plenty of sunshine elsewhere around the globe. With a little bit of cash to spare, you and your family can escape all this dullness and satisfy that inner craving for some sunshine, courtesy of these affordable destinations.

1. Florida – USA

Thanks to the power of the British pound over the USD, you can take advantage of this and spend a couple of months over in one of the sun Cities in the country. This amazing state has the amenities to accommodate nearly everyone, along with their needs and taste, thus it does not matter whether you are alone or are travelling as a family. The best part is that they speak English, so no communication barriers.

2. Australia

Notably, this is the best place a Brit can go to in order to escape the winter chills. Why? This is due to the fact that Australian weather runs in opposite to that of the UK. This is the best time to pay a visit that long time cousin of yours you have not seems for some time. Although the flight may be a bit expensive, once again the power of the pound comes in handy.

3. Thailand

Picture this, palm trees beautifully lining the sandy beach as golden sparkling waters hit against your foot. The people are warm and welcoming, the food is mouth watering and delicious. This destination is a favorite to those running away from the chilly weather back home.

It’s full of sunlight, luxury and quite affordable. Temperatures are warm and the weather is pretty warm. For those seeking more than the warm sunlight, you have the option on going on an adventurous elephant trekking or a walk over the magnificent hills.

4. Egypt – Africa

Egypt is also known as the land of Kings. Located on the African planes, this destination is home to plenty of sunlight. In fact, it is home to one of their sun gods – Ra. The country is renowned for its pyramids, tombs and its bewitching hieroglyphs.

Temperatures are quite warm, the service is affordable and descent. Majority of the locals speak Arabic, but most also comprehend and speak basic English. Fun activities include, snorkeling, diving, desert tourism and so much more

5. South Africa

South Africa is a blend of inspiring scenery, diverse/multicultural cities and numerous game parks- home to the big five. It’s also renowned for its wine, food and hospitality. On average, it takes about 12 hours to fly from UK to Cape town.

There are numerous marvelous beaches stretched across the Garden route. Notably, Kruger Park stands out from all the national parks offering a perfect view of the flora and fauna.

6. Dubai

Dubai is famous for its up market resorts, malls and shopping centers. The night life is rather vibrant as this is the time when it’s mostly cool and most people come out into the open. The weather is generally great, with plenty of sunlight year round. If you can’t stand the heat, you may head out to the snow park situated in the Emirates mall.

Photo by mikebehnken on Flickr.

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