Eating in Perth – An Unforgettable Experience

At first, visiting Perth did not feel like an ideal holiday for me – but oh, I was so wrong about it! Perth literally has everything you need, regardless of what you are searching for as a traveller and regardless of how much money you can afford spending there. Eating in Perth was, for me, a great experience. I honestly cannot remember anything that disappointed me – not from the low-priced meals and definitely not from the more luxurious eating places either. Following, I have gathered some of the places in Perth where eating out really felt like a celebration to me.

Perth at Night (Creative Commons)

Perth at Night (Creative Commons)


The Classroom – Low Price, High Quality

I never thought a place with such a name could bring such enjoyment – but here I was in Perth, eating one of the most delicious, healthy and satisfying inexperienced meals I had ever eaten. The Classroom organizes so-called “School Dinners” where, for the low price of $15 you get a tasty, flavorful and amazing meal. Honestly, I could not ask for anything more considering the price!

Ace Pizza – High-Average Prices, Amazing Food

Pizza is universal and you’ll find it wherever in the world you go. However surprising that may feel to you, Perth’s got real value when it comes to its Pizza – and Ace Pizza is the place to be when it comes to dough and tomato sauce. I went there twice. First time, I had a delicious pizza and a carafe of stunning Sicilian red wine. The second time, I decided to spoil my taste buds with a fine…sandwich. They play along with the ingredients and the menu changes a lot, but one thing stays the same: the meaty, delicious and comforting taste of the Italian cuisine brought to a state of art.

Perth from Kings Park (Flickr Creative Commons)

Perth from Kings Park (Flickr Creative Commons)


Bistro Guillame – French Cuisine at Its Very Best

A French restaurant in Perth? Yes, and one of the best I have ever tried. In fact, of all the places I ate at while in Perth, this one is definitely something I would like to “take home” with me. Wonderful, magnificent, full of aroma and finesse French cuisine in Australia! Now, that’s something I did not believe to be actually possible. Bistro Guillame is located right in the heart of the Crown Casino complex. Given the fact that I spent quite some time there due to the high quality entertainment options they offer, it came as natural that I went to Bistro Guillame more often than anywhere else. And with all honesty, I really cannot regret having made this choice because every single item I tried from their menu felt like a celebration of beauty, high class and amazing taste!

For example, I had an onion soup that felt exactly like the one I had in Paris. The King Salmon tartare, cucumber gazpacho and smoked oyster cream were madly delicious too. But la crème de la crème of all of my meals there was their amazing Chocolate soufflé with cherry ripple ice cream. Whoever came up with that idea must be a culinary genius indeed! Whether you’re on a budget or looking to spoil your taste buds, Perth’s cuisine is definitely worth exploring! I found Perth to be one of the most pleasantly surprising cities I’ve visited in the past few years and I would go back any time. Actually, let me check the flights!

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