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Drinking Beer Isn’t Just for the Irish: Best Breweries in the UK

Well, there are quite a few Irish drinking jokes out there. But let us be fair for once. Who doesn’t like to gulp a pint of beer after a hard day’s work? Mankind, over several millennia, have developed a taste for beer and the breweries they come from. Yes, brewery tours are one of the fastest growing fads in the world of tourism nowadays and no the Brits are not lagging behind either. While the Irish are living up to their expectation and leading UK from the front, you can also find good options in England, Wales and Scotland too. Basically such activities include a tour of the breweries where you can see how your favorite drinks are made. Most of them are located in nice rustic locations with farmlands or vineyards as backdrops. So, you can have a lazy and relaxing time, learn a trick or two about your beer to try later at home, and of course drink like there is no tomorrow. Here are a few non Irish destinations in UK that you can visit for a bacchanalian weekend trip.

Adnams, Suffolk

The Adnamsbrewery offers a scenic seaside location in a small village in England. They have old Victorian buildings but are well equipped with state of the art machinery. For a small cost of around £10 you get a tour of the whole place, an opportunity to taste the “products” and of course a bottle that you can bring home later.

Meantime, London

This is a unique brewery that offers experimental brews such as the chocolate beer, raspberry beer and many other such eccentricities. Of course this does not mean that it offends the purists. You can find your conventional ales and beers too. The good thing about the brewery tours here is that you not only get good drinks as well as food in a posh restaurant, but you can even take a beer appreciation course so that you can show off to your friends in the next party.

Black Isle, Inverness

This Scottish brewery near Inverness is small and does not belong to any big manufacturer. But it specializes in organic beers and experiments with numerous flavours. Check out the honey beers and pale ales offered by them to know the true meaning of exotica.

Isle of Arran Brewery

Another interesting Scottish brewery is the one in Isle of Arran. With the rugged sea and a medieval castle in the backdrop, it is a great place to soak in some history along with some beer. The tourism is well developed and the local information centre takes you through the process of micro brewing.

Kingstone Brewery, Monmouthshire

If you need to cover Wales for the sake of covering the entire UK, Kingstone Brewery is what you should opt for. It is a microbrewery equipped with all the modern facilities and in fact you can try your hands at making some beer yourself. Someone will be there to teach and take you through the process and of course you can proudly bring home whatever you produced at the end of the day.

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    The UK has such a boring pub culture. Every bar is a chain, where is the character. The Irish love their drink because of the fun that can be had in a local bar how can you do that in a Slug & Lettuce.

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