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Do You Want to See a Weird Beach?

There are lots of fantastic, sandy beaches across the globe which we could call conventional beaches. In fact, the UK’s long coastline has a good number of these dotted around it.

What about the weird ones, though? The planet also has its fair share of these. If you are planning to be near any of the following places anytime soon then you are in for a treat.

Hawaii – The Green Beach and the Black Beach

The volcanic activity in the Hawaiian Islands means that it is one of the places with the highest concentration of strange beaches on the globe. For example, here you will find a black beach, which has been formed by basalt and lava streaming down to the water’s edge. This is called Punaluu Beach and is to be found on the Big Island. Another beach which offers some great photo opportunities is the green one called Papakolea Beach. Both of them are fascinating examples of how the power of nature can form unexpected wonders which delight and amaze even the most experienced travellers.

The Caribbean – The Beach Scarily Close to the Beach

Saho Beach in the Caribbean is another strip of sand which you will find to be a lot stranger than anything you will find in Brighton, Bournemouth or anywhere else in Britain. The sand is pretty normal and the water next to it appears to be of the wet, liquid type we are used to. So, what’s so weird about Saho Beach? You will soon realise when a giant plane roars past your ears while you are there. The main airport on Saint Martin island is called the Princess Juliana International Airport and it is located just a bit too close to the beach for comfort.

Mexico – The Crater Beach

Mexico is our next port of call. In this country there are plenty of famous beaches in places like Cancun and Acapulco. Are any of them located in giant craters, though? The beauty of the Playa de Amor (Beach of Love) in Puerto Vallarta is that is hidden from view because it is in a crater. Some theories suggest that this was caused by the army using it for target practice over a century ago and blowing away part of the island it is on. Whatever caused it, what we have now is a stunning beach which you need to access by swimming your way through a short tunnel.

India – Cows on the Beach

Goa in India is a hugely popular tourist destination and has been attracting international visitors since the hippies discovered it in the 60s. It remains popular and one of the most striking aspects of the beaches here is the fact that cows roam across the sands. Of course, these beasts are considered sacred here, which means that no one will make any attempt to move them away from the beach. This might seem weird to you but it will give you some terrific photo opportunities.

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