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The Idyllic Beaches of Corfu, Greece

The lovely island of Corfu is set in the dark blue waters of the Ionian Sea. It is most definitely one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and is definitely worth a visit. The idyllic setting of Corfu Island makes it a perfect place for everyone who is looking for some “me” time – [...]

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Plan Your Family Holiday in Kefalonia: Three of the Most Picturesque Resorts

Cephalonia, also called Kefalonia, is one of the largest Ionian Islands. The diverse landscape from town to town has plenty to offer in the way of history, cultural beauty and relaxation. Due to the fact that each town has a slightly different atmosphere, you can be certain that any traveller can find a destination that [...]

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10 Unique Vacation Destinations Around The World

World travel, particularly if you have to stick to a budget, can be a bit of a daunting prospect. Though there are fascinating locations all over the world, sometimes it’s more tempting to simply pack up your car, double check your Aviva insurance policy, and take off on a simple UK road trip. But if [...]

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Top 5 Beaches in Europe

Nothing can be quite as enjoyable as relaxing on a beautiful crisp white beach on a lovely summer day. A tourist can derive unimaginable pleasure from just gazing into the sparkling blue water of the sea. This is without mentioning a cocktail in hand to complement it all! A tourist can find five of the [...]

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Which Destinations Will the British Save Up For This Summer?

The sun is almost back again after the long and dreary winter, so it’s time to pack your bags, grab a couple of your besties and enjoy the beautiful summer across different parts of the world. It’s been a long while and you definitely deserve the joy of taking a well deserved vacation to just [...]

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The British Are Coming! 6 Places Abroad Where Brits Abound

Paul Revere’s famous shout – “The British are Coming!” – can now be heard all over the world, from Phuket in Thailand to sun-kissed beaches in Jamaica. Of course, now they say it with welcoming arms! Blame it on the restless, adventurous spirit of the quintessential Britisher, but more and more Brits are travelling abroad [...]

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Where to Eat Out on Samos

Samos Island is not only known to have some of the most stunning attractions in the Greek Islands, but it also known to have some of the best places to eat such as luxurious restaurants and hotels. Many restaurants, resorts and restaurants offer both local and exotic cuisine at very affordable rates. Some of the [...]

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The 6 Most Popular Travel Destinations For Pommies

British people have a craving for travelling. A survey by Expedia in the UK showed that Brits have one of the highest holiday allowances globally. Even with the recession, Brits are still looking for travel destinations. A majority of Brits go on holidays in the months of July and August with seaside destinations being their [...]

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Top 5 Travel Destinations Where They Don’t Talk Funny

Like to travel but hate language barriers? Never you worry, my friend. Here are five travel destinations where many locals speak the Queen’s English… 1. Majorca Majorca is nothing short of heavenly. Anyone who has been there will be amazed by the vibrant nightlife, and the beaches are just terrific. Majorca receives more than 300,000 web [...]

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