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7 Great Day Trips from Munich

Munich Travel

Munich is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in all of Europe for many good reasons. Oktoberfest is held there which is definitely quite a tourist attraction in itself. The beer culture is great! If not for that, then you will surely be attracted by the varied cultural. Besides, it is one of […]

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Would You Like a Foreign Biscuit with That?

No matter where in the world you drink a cup of tea you will want a biscuit with it. After all, a drink’s too wet without one. So what biscuits are you likely to come across on your travels?  Here are some of the best ones which are made and eaten in some of the […]

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Which European Christmas Market Will You Choose?

A fantastic tradition on mainland Europe is that of holding festive markets in the run up to Christmas. This offers you the chance to buy some gifts in a lovely setting while enjoying some mulled wine and typical foods. It is an increasingly popular type of trip for Brits but where will you go to? […]

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Top 5 Beaches in Europe

Nothing can be quite as enjoyable as relaxing on a beautiful crisp white beach on a lovely summer day. A tourist can derive unimaginable pleasure from just gazing into the sparkling blue water of the sea. This is without mentioning a cocktail in hand to complement it all! A tourist can find five of the […]

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5 Must-Visit British Battlegrounds For The Traveling History Buff

England is the largest nation of the four nations that make Great Britain. It is one of the most economically stable countries in the world. This is evident from the previous engagements that England under the banner Great Britain have taken part in the past and won. Britain has always taken the bull by its […]

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Substituting Tea for Beer at Oktoberfest

If Germany is known for anything, it’s for the annual 16-day Octoberfest in Munich, which is now mostly regarded as a big beer drinking celebration. We can’t think of a better reason to switch from tea … just for the duration of the festival, of course. Octoberfest, which is recognised as the world’s biggest fair, […]

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