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The Sights and Sounds of Singapore

Singapore is a very interesting and vibrant place, and is known as the “City of the lion” which symbolises its courage, strength and excellence particularly in facing challenges. Singapore is a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian as well as the thousands of business men and women who live there for work, from all over […]

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The Top Luxury Casinos in the World

Across the world, one can find many luxury casinos. These casinos are of course local favourites but also they have become some of the top holiday destinations. Casino gambling has soared to epic proportions as a popular pastime and many travelers wish to enjoy it while on vacation. Some of the worldís most luxurious casinos […]

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A Gastronomic Adventure with Thai Food

Thailand is one of the most frequented tourist destinations of Southeast Asia mostly because of its lovely beaches and its quaint and rustic charm. However, many travellers from the western hemisphere agree that no trip to a country is complete unless you are able to experience not only its beautiful places of interests but its […]

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5 Breathtaking Backpacking Trips That Aren’t in Europe

Travelling to other places is one of the most important things you should take advantage if you want some time to relax and unwind, as well explore more. Well, it’s true that not every backpacker wants and looks for the same experience. But no matter what you are really looking for, it would be best […]

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Top 4 Most Influential Bollywood Actors

The Indian (Hindi) film industry, famously called Bollywood, is extremely influential. The actors set fashion trends that their fans copy and follow madly. It is common for fans to put actors on a pedestal. The power the actors of Bollywood wield is truly amazing and, therefore, it is quite common to see a popular Bollywood […]

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Going All-Inclusive Could Save You Cash

An all-inclusive holiday may at first glance seem pricey compared to other choices. Self-catering apartments are far cheaper in the initial spend, certainly, but in many popular holiday destinations, the price of groceries and meals out is extortionate. If you are travelling to Thailand then you can easily eat well from roadside vendors for only […]

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Just How Do Some People Manage To Travel The World Indefinitely?

There are some people who usually travel the world indefinitely, and you may be wondering how they do it. Actually, it’s not that difficult; the trick is in getting the right price for everything. If you can strike a bargain for the cost of the holiday, then you will be able to save plenty of […]

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The British Are Coming! 6 Places Abroad Where Brits Abound

Paul Revere’s famous shout – “The British are Coming!” – can now be heard all over the world, from Phuket in Thailand to sun-kissed beaches in Jamaica. Of course, now they say it with welcoming arms! Blame it on the restless, adventurous spirit of the quintessential Britisher, but more and more Brits are travelling abroad […]

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5 Exciting Travel Destinations For 2013

We Brits are fond of travelling to foreign countries. According to the latest UK government statistics, 55.5 million visits were made abroad in 2011 by UK residents, which grew by 2.3% compared to the previous year. Spain and France were the topmost destinations for British travellers. These two countries accounted for 34% of all visits […]

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5 Movies To Get Your Travel Juices Flowing This Holiday Season

Cinema is a beautiful way to travel the world, see unimagined landscapes, discover destinations, feel nostalgic for the places visited on a trip and think about the friends you met on the way, those unforgettable characters and the moments that will remain etched in your memory forever. There are hundreds of movies in the film […]

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