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Do You Want to See a Weird Beach?

There are lots of fantastic, sandy beaches across the globe which we could call conventional beaches. In fact, the UK’s long coastline has a good number of these dotted around it. What about the weird ones, though? The planet also has its fair share of these. If you are planning to be near any of […]

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5 Breathtaking Backpacking Trips That Aren’t in Europe

Travelling to other places is one of the most important things you should take advantage if you want some time to relax and unwind, as well explore more. Well, it’s true that not every backpacker wants and looks for the same experience. But no matter what you are really looking for, it would be best […]

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Top 4 Most Influential Bollywood Actors

The Indian (Hindi) film industry, famously called Bollywood, is extremely influential. The actors set fashion trends that their fans copy and follow madly. It is common for fans to put actors on a pedestal. The power the actors of Bollywood wield is truly amazing and, therefore, it is quite common to see a popular Bollywood […]

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The British Are Coming! 6 Places Abroad Where Brits Abound

Paul Revere’s famous shout – “The British are Coming!” – can now be heard all over the world, from Phuket in Thailand to sun-kissed beaches in Jamaica. Of course, now they say it with welcoming arms! Blame it on the restless, adventurous spirit of the quintessential Britisher, but more and more Brits are travelling abroad […]

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Go To The Source: Sample The World’s Best Tea In These 5 Countries

Apart from the rare and random person who grows their own tea, no one else fancies his or her tea more than we British do. Tea is a wicked nice beverage that is revered for its exquisite taste and energy-giving fantasticness. The best tea is no doubt a fountain of satisfaction for us Brits, and […]

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The Lost Lands: 5 Former British Colonies That Will Take Your Breath Away

The British took control of many countries all over the world and took part in the growth of many cultures. Travellers often want to visit some of these lands to see what drew their ancestors there, and so these now independent states have developed into favourite tourist destinations. Here are our top five pics for […]

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India – Reasons Travelers Love it or Hate it

They say you either love India or you hate it. We look at the reasons why visitors have such extreme reactions to the subcontinent. Reasons Why Travelers Love India … Culturally rich India is a culturally rich country, with thousands of years of history. There are such a diverse range of vibrant cultural groups, religions […]

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