Should Brits Stay at Home or Go Abroad For Their Holidays in 2014

Isle of Ulva, Inner Hebrides. The view south across Inch Kenneth to Gribun on Mull from the Isle of Ulva


Choosing a holiday destination is a daunting task, you weigh the pros and cons of each destination, worry about your budget and wonder whether to go with the crowd or venture solo into a destination not well established on the world travel map.

Italy has been on the world travel map for ages; its major attractions are its historical cities, medieval towns, rolling countryside, stunning islands, glassy lakes and rich cultural heritage. Villa holidays in Italy (see  have also become exceptionally popular as they offer large spaces, manicured grounds, luxury, privacy and flexibility. They are located in numerous regions of Italy and they give travelers an opportunity to explore the authentic Italian culture. Whether one wants rural experiences in the Italian heartland, coastal or island experiences, the villas in Italy live up to your expectation.

plaza-registan_untipografico, used under Creative Commons

Plaza Registan, Uzbekistan by untipografico (Creative Commons)

On the other hand if you choose to venture into the lesser visited areas, Uzbekistan is a great destination. It is the cradle of culture and oriental mysticism for over 2 millennia; it is the proud home of spectacular array of monuments and artifacts that are worth your attention. Holidays to Uzbekistan boast of the famed Silk Road which led to the development of important historical cities which are littered with magnificent and palatial masterpieces of architecture. A visit to this country seeping with history and age old traditions will have a spellbinding effect on you that you will not forget in a long time to come.


In the recent years Brits are choosing to enjoy holidays right in their home country due to economic reasons and also to discover the treasures at home.

One does not have to travel to Tuscany to enjoy a rural escape; the Cotswolds region is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for lack of colorful words that fit the description of the rolling countryside. It has amazing landscapes which are a perfect example of quintessential English countryside. Staying in a log cabin in Cotswolds gives you an opportunity to explore the picturesque villages, ‘wool churches’, and relax in cozy accommodations that blend in with the natural environment.

The West Coast of Scotland is also an area of interest with dramatic coastline, intriguing flora and fauna, striking harbor towns and it is the gateway to Isle of Mull and the Hebrides. Most people visiting this region opt to stay in Oban as a base to exploring the Hebrides. The dramatic coastline of the West Coast of Scotland is home to some of UK’s most captivating beaches and rugged cliffs. It is a place with a variety of options for activity and adventure holidays such as fishing, windsurfing, cycling, hiking and cruising. Women should make the most of the Payless women’s shoes over at Groupon for their footwear. With Groupon Coupons, there’s no need to spend any money upfront and all coupons are 100% free to use!


Isle of Ulva, Inner Hebrides. The view south across Inch Kenneth to Gribun on Mull from the Isle of Ulva

Isle of Ulva, Inner Hebrides. The view south across Inch Kenneth to Gribun on Mull from the Isle of Ulva

Whether you choose to travel abroad, or enjoy the rural essence of Cotswolds or visit the West Coast of Scotland, you are bound to enjoy your holidays because holidays do not make themselves, but rather you make them happen.

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