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Which Is the Best UK Town or City For a Weekend Break?

There are few things as satisfying as getting away from the routine with a weekend break. Even if your budget is tight you can do this by staying relatively close to home in the UK. Which cities and towns are the best for doing this in?


In terms of things to do, the capital is hard to beat. In fact, the only drawback could be the fact that you might be left feeling that you would like to have seen more of the place. A find idea is to take this as an opportunity to see a West End show or a big sporting event. London is typically viewed as an expensive city to pass time in but the huge number of hotels around means that you can often find a bargain if you look hard enough.


The Welsh capital has a fantastic castle, a lively centre and a stunning stadium to attract you. If you want to get out into the countryside then it is also one of the UK’s easiest cities to do this from. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend you could find this to be the ideal spot to enjoy it, although there is also an exciting nightlife here if you prefer that idea.


Anyone who wants a weekend of nice weather and beaches would do well to consider this south coast town. Bournemouth gets really busy in the summer months and it is easy to see why. The long stretch of sand and the number of nice attractions here make it a place which it is easy to spend a few days in.  Over 5 million people visit Bournemouth every year and the number of international visitors who come here to learn English give it a surprisingly cosmopolitan feel. It is also a good base to explore the towns and villages of the South Coast from if you feel like getting out and about.


From the south of England lets head up to the north of Scotland. You might feel the cold up in Aberdeen but you will love the city. Aberdeen is famous for the number of elegant granite buildings it contains, giving it the nickname of The Granite City or The Silver City. Years of lots of North Sea oil money arriving to the city has left it with a classy, upmarket feel and you will find lots of fine hotels and good quality restaurants here.


Ask foreign visitors who have been around the UK what their favourite British city is and you can expect some of them to mention Liverpool. This is a city with an incredible history, from its place as one of the world’s leading trade centres to its ethnic diversity, the popularity of its football teams and The Beatles. It might not be the first place that springs to mind for a weekend break but it could turn out to be the best weekend in the UK you ever spend away from home.

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