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Are You Planning on Going to the World Cup in Brazil?

The home nations had mixed fortunes in their World Cup qualifying groups, with only England making it through to the finals in Brazil. However, no matter which part of the UK you are from you might be interested in seeing this fascinating event. So what do you need to know first of all?

Where to Go

Brazil is a massive and diverse country. Games are going to be played in a number of different cities so it is important that you consider where you want to be based. For example, if you want to see England’s group games then you need to be in Manaus, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte on the different dates they are playing. This is going to involve a fair bit of travelling. If they get out of group D then they could end up in Rio de Janeiro or Recife for the next stage. If you want to stay in just one city and see the best games then Rio is a good bet, as the final is going to be held here, as well as some earlier games.

The Cost of Staying

You might think of Brazil as being a low cost destination but it has been getting more expensive in recent years. The country’s economy has been booming for some years now and it is more expensive than you might think. Of course, the massive influx of fans, players and officials is going to push the prices of food and hotels up even further. The Northern part of the country has traditionally been seen as the poorest region, with lower prices for just about everything. The further South you go the more prices will tend to rise.

The Flight

A flight from the UK to Brazil will take you between 11 and 12 hours usually. Sao Paulo has a huge airport and will probably work out as your easiest point of entry. The price of travelling form the UK varies wildly so it is well worth checking out a few offers before booking. It could even suit you to go a couple of days earlier than planned to save some money. A few extra days in Brazil can never be a bad thing, after all.

Other Factors

You should check with your doctor about vaccinations before travelling, especially if you are going to the hot, humid areas in the Amazon region. The yellow fever jab is one which is usually recommended. In fact, you will need to prove you have had this vaccination before you enter the country if you have been in an infected area recently. Safety is the other big concern for many fans heading to the World Cup. Clearly, such a big concentration is going to cause some security issues. Being smart and steering clear of potential trouble spots is your best bet. The Brazilian people are generally open and welcoming with visitors but you should still keep your wits about you at all times and not do anything silly which you wouldn’t do at home.

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