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Amazing Architectures of Dubai

Dubai doesn’t have any natural wonders – no towering mountains, no picturesque lakes or waterfalls. What it does have, are man-made wonders that has never been seen before, let alone imagined, to exist anywhere else in the world. The engineering and architecture of this desert city is more than able to impress anyone from anywhere, with megastructures that seem to have risen from a vast ocean of golden sand.

 Burj Khalifa

This is presently the tallest building and free standing structure of the world at a dizzying height of 2,716 feet – roughly about twice the size of the Empire State Building. Located along the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Burj Khalifa stands majestically among the other tall skyscrapers in Dubai. Given its height, the tower also holds a lot of “tall records” like the tallest service elevator and highest observation deck in the world. Another thing that makes this building great is the fountain landscape, so wide that it equals those that can be seen in the grand casinos of Las Vegas. The fountains shoot water as a high as a seven or ten-story building, illuminated by more than 6000 lights and 50 colored projectors and dancing to hypnotic Arabic music.

Burj Al Arab

This sail-shaped structure is cited as the only “seven star hotel” in the world, the Burj Al Arab boasts of halls and suites truly fitting of a crown prince. Everything here is drenched in rich drapes and fabric and warm colors. Each room has tall floor-to-ceiling windows which allow guests the fantastic view of the Arabian Gulf’s cool blue waters. The hotel is built upon an artificial island so it is no surprise that it has its own beach resort complete with every amenity that you will need and want. If you have $18000 to spare, you can stay in the Royal Suite and live like an Amir/King.

The Islands

It is said that the reason why the artificial islands of Dubai were made was because of the city’s lack of beaches and coastlines. Whatever the reason is, the creation of these islands has truly given a new meaning to land expansion. These islands are situated on the Persian Gulf and are composed of the Palm Islands and the Global or World Islands. The Palm Islands, as the name suggests, are shaped like palm trees with a crescent on top, while the World Islands are a group of islands arranged to mimic the continents of the world as seen from space. Most parts of the islands are liveable and are sold to the richest people around the world – for example, an island in the World sells as much as $38 billion depending on its size of course. You will need to buy an expensive yacht or your own private plane in order to get there though since roads connect the islands to the main land. Travellers can get to see this wonderful structure from bird’s eye view by renting one of the many aircraft tours available.

Dubai has risen from a desert into one of the richest and most developed places in the world. Some evidences of these are the new, modern and jaw-dropping architectures which are definitely must-see. Known as the gateway between the East and West, Dubai is also where Arabic traditions and modern industrializations meet and mingle into a powerhouse tourist destination.

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