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Accommodation Outside The Box: Why You Should Consider Timeshares

Most travellers associate travelling with expensive hotel rooms. However, thinking outside the box provides the budget traveller with some fantastic low-cost accommodation options, without having to sacrifice luxury. One such outside-the-box option is timeshare rentals and timeshare resales.

The concept of a timeshare is the holiday maker purchasing the rights to make use of the timeshare unit for a fixed number of days in a year. Some timeshare owners can no longer use these days and look to resell, some decide to keep their units but rent them out when they can’t use them. Either way, such options may provide a good option for travellers, especially when they return to the same destination frequently.

Cost Benefits

Timeshares, when purchased on the resale market, can be great investments for those that vacation frequently. In many cases you can find units for up to 70% off resort prices which will save you money in the long run. Many current owners rent out their units for the exact cost of their yearly maintenance fees, sometimes these fees are as low as $200, therefore it’s not uncommon to be able to find a 7 night stay at a quality resort for only $200, sometimes even lower than that. Even if the rates may seem on par with standard hotels rooms, the timeshare offers better conveniences, such as spacious indoors and outdoors, fully equipped kitchen and other facilities.

Resort-Like Experience

Unlike guesthouses, vacation homes or even hotel rooms, timeshares come attached to resorts and aim to pamper patrons with an exotic resort like atmosphere at affordable rates. The range of facilities available at a guesthouse of hotel is usually limited to a swimming pool, spa and a few other facilities. Resorts that sell timeshare generally offer a far extensive range of facilities such as water parks, children’s facilities, arcade game rooms, tennis and other games, and more.


Renting hotel rooms, guesthouses or vacation rooms are a bit of hit and miss. Even with favourable reviews, good ratings and reputations, the option selected can be a bad choice. The odds of glitches such as confirmed reservations cancelled owing to some mix up or failure to process payment information, the room not being ready when the guests land up in the hotel and more are real. Since timeshare resorts serve many of the same people repeatedly, they strive to offer consistency of service. Again, unlike hotels that accept multiple short-term bookings and do not actually allocate a room until the guest reaches there, timeshare rentals are more definite and confirmed.


When opting for a laid back or relaxed family vacation, timeshare resorts offer the best possible assistance. Among the alternatives to timeshares, holiday homes can have a glaring shortcoming of security and absence of staff to assist the holiday maker with their basic chores or offer guidance. Hotel rooms can sometimes overcome the shortcoming of security and assistance, but their staff is oriented to offer impersonal tourist-related information. The staff at a timeshare resort, accustomed, as they are to repeat guests, match the level of assistance offered by hotels and go beyond to offer a more personalized service. For instance, the staff at a timeshare may help in procuring groceries required for cooking food.


Timeshares are a fantastic accommodation alternative for those traveling in large groups, as they are a lot more spacious than other accommodations, or those looking for an added touch of luxury. There are many available out there at incredibly cheap rates, so they are a great option even for those with a tight budget. Be sure to research the many different timeshare resorts out there before your next vacation as there’s a timeshare resort in most countries and when purchased or rented from individual owners, can be a great deal!

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