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A Gastronomic Adventure with Thai Food

Thailand is one of the most frequented tourist destinations of Southeast Asia mostly because of its lovely beaches and its quaint and rustic charm. However, many travellers from the western hemisphere agree that no trip to a country is complete unless you are able to experience not only its beautiful places of interests but its culture as well, and here in Thailand, the best way to experience that would be to taste it. If you’re up for some gastronomic adventure, go over the following foods – categorized into two with the first half being the local delicacies and the other half…well, for the more adventurous eaters.

Tom Yam Goong

This is probably the most famous soup in Thailand, and is mostly remembered by many tourists not only because of its spicy taste but also because of its fragrant smell which comes from a mixture of various herbs and spices including lemongrass, lime leaves and others. The main character in this dish is a big sumptuous shrimp swimming in the red pool of hot chilli soup along with some mushrooms.

Khao Niaow Ma Muang

This is a Thai dessert that is truly worth taking note of. The dish may sound complicated but it is simply half a slice of mango on top of sticky rice. But don’t let the looks fool you, because what makes this dessert truly delicious is that it packs a lot of taste especially for those with a sweet tooth. The sticky rice is first cooked with sweetened coconut milk, and mango is then added on top. A sprinkle of sesame seeds for texture, and more sweetened coconut milk to make it sweeter. The sweetness of the coconut milk and the ripe mango mix together in to make one mouth-watering dish.

Po Pia

Po Pia is a different variation, where as in other places they are rolled and deep fried, here in Thailand they are served raw and fresh. The vegetables are sliced and diced into bite-size pieces and then rolled in thin, transparent rice wrappers. It is then served with a dip of thick sweet and sour sauce. The crispiness of the vegetables together with the flavourful sauce will surely bring a fresh taste with every bite.

Fried Insects

When wandering the streets of Bangkok or Phuket you will see hawkers selling all kinds of cooked insects. From deep fried crickets, grasshoppers, silk worms to ants and ant eggs. Even tarantulas are cooked the same way. Since most of these insects are bland to the taste, they are either sprinkled with a hefty serving of chilli powder and salt, or served with a sauce of your choice.

Roasted Bats

Bats seem to be plentiful in the area, with farmers catching more than a hundred of these creatures everyday. The bats are first soaked in boiling water to loosen the hair and fur which are then pulled out. Everything else stays intact – the eyes, the guts, the claws – every bit and piece is roasted over hot coals and served.

One of the things that make a country stand out from others is the unique food that they serve and eat, and you will never run out that in Thailand.  Make your Thailand travel a memorable one by trying out their local cuisines and delicacies so that you do not only get an eyeful of the place but a mouthful, too.

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