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7 Incredible Beaches In Australia

People considering a trip to Australia are often focused on the images and attractions that make the country famous as a tourism destination. If you’re considering such a vacation, you may be thinking about getting to hold a koala bear or scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. You imagine snapping photos of the Sydney Opera House or strolling along a rainforest catwalk. And, to be sure, these are all incredibly enjoyable aspects of a trip to Australia. But don’t forget: if you’re planning such a visit, there are also world class beaches all over the place!

Australian vacations can lead you to a rather diverse blend of cities, wild landscapes, luxury venues, and relaxing paradises. The shores are fairly consistent through it all, however, so here’s our look at seven of the best beaches you can find in the country.

7. Bondi Beach

This is one of the most crowded beaches in Australia and for a lot of tourists, that will be a turn-off. That said, it’s not a horrible sort of crowded. Bondi Beach is situated just next to the city of Sydney, and that location combined with the popularity of the beach itself (which somehow seems to stay fairly pristine) has led to a sort of “beach town” atmosphere. And that comes complete with shops and cafes within walking distance of the water.

6. Lizard Island

This is a breathtaking island full of white beaches located off the northeast corner of Australia along the Great Barrier Reef. In terms of pure beauty, no beach in Australia can top it. However, it stays out of our top-five because it’s prohibitively exclusive. Difficult to get to and expensive to stay at, it’s no wonder Lizard Island has maintained such a lush, natural feel.

5. Mandalay Beach

Well south of Perth at the southwest corner of Australia, Mandalay Beach is a bit of an adventurous destination, simply because there aren’t many towns or establishments nearby. The beach itself is an wonderful blend of rocky shores and white sand stretches, with a beautiful view of Chatham Island to top it all off. It’s certainly a bit out of the way, but many find it to be worth the trip and then some.

4. Burleigh Heads

The Gold Coast area of Australia is filled with famous beach locations. They’re so abundant that online travel aid dialaflight even recommends entire travel packages and tour concepts that take you through the surrounding area to view different beaches! But for the most part, the beaches in this area are a bit crowded, and a touch more artificial than the best beaches in Australia. Burleigh Heads is a peculiar exception. It’s situated in the Gold Coast area but somehow a bit cleaner, less crowded, and less built up than the alternatives.

3. 75 Mile Beach

Technically located on Fraser Island, 75 Mile beach is one of the most unique stretches of beach space in the world. Naturally, the stretch is about 75 miles long and features beautiful sands of all different colours in addition to equally gorgeous ocean water. There are a lot of sharks in the area, however, so visitors tend to stay on the sands when strolling the beaches. The island also has wonderful lakes where swimming is safer and perhaps even more pleasant.

2. Turquoise Bay

Noted in a Yahoo News article titled “In Search Of A Special Beach,” Turquoise Bay in Exmouth is located along the Ningaloo Reef. And it is a great spot for tourists because it’s impeccable for snorkeling. As the same article notes, there’s even a current that will carry swimmers out over the reef and back to shore, as if the beach itself is accommodating visitors. Similar to many of the other beaches listed here, the water is stunningly clear.

1. Whitehaven Beach

Not to harp on white sand yet again, but it’s really what makes Whitehaven such a special spot. The sand here is actually of a scientifically purer variety, which not only looks beautiful but keeps it softer and cooler. It’s as if it’s tailor made to be walked on and enjoyed. And like so much of Australia, this amazing beach seems to withstand heavy attention from tourists and sightseers to look relatively untouched and extraordinarily natural.

There are dozens and dozens of spectacular beaches all around Australia and on its surrounding islands. But a trip to any one of these seven will be a fantastic treat if you’re planning a vacation to Australia.

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