7 Great Day Trips from Munich

Munich Travel

Munich Travel

Munich is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in all of Europe for many good reasons. Oktoberfest is held there which is definitely quite a tourist attraction in itself. The beer culture is great! If not for that, then you will surely be attracted by the varied cultural. Besides, it is one of the most beautiful cities, with all its glorious castles with ample parks and gardens that dot the area. It offers a lot of activities such as museum hopping, sightseeing, shopping, rafting, river surfing, hiking and beer drinking! If you got more than a couple of days to spend there, you might as well rent an Aston-Martin in Munich via online car rental agencies like PrimeRent so you can drive to some of the best daytrip spots near the city.

  1. Neuchswanstein Castle – Because of its fairytale-like design, this is one of the most popular tourist attractions near Munich. Yet, there’s more to it than its impressive exterior. With the alpine foothills in the background, the panorama creates a stunningly romantic impression on anyone. The interiors, though not completely finished, have rooms that are lavishly decorated. Visitors can also visit the beautiful bright orange castle, Hohenschwangau, conveniently located nearby.

  2. Nuremberg – For those interested in Nazi history, this is one place to see. You can visit the Party Rally Grounds. Or, when you go during the Christmas season, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to drop by Germany’s biggest and most famous Christmas market.

  3. Dachau Concentration Camp – Only around 40 minutes away, this once Nazi labor camp is a chilling reminder of the atrocities of the Nazi regime. Worth a visit, indeed, it is now a museum and a memorial for life.
  4. Rothenburg – Seemingly frozen in time, this picturesque village will give you an authentic taste of medieval times with the architecture very well-preserved. Visit the Imperial City Musem, the ruins of the 1142 Imperial castle, the Medieval Criminal Museum and drop by the shops along the streets. You can also view the village from above by taking a 90 minute hot air balloon ride!

  5. Nuremberg – Heavily bombed during WWII for being a Nazi stronghold, it was one of the most beautiful cities in the continent. With a lot of rebuilding of what remained, it is again a top tourist destination. There are a lot of things to see such as the Craftmen’s Courtyard, the Kaiserburg Castle, the Hangman’s Bridge and the Weinstadel. Check out the Original Nuremberg Rostbratwursts and the city’s beer!
  6. Bamberg – Known as Little Venice, one can rent a boat to row down the Regnitz River to see some of its attractions. Note the Old Town Hall that is located in the middle of the river and the murals painted on the sides of its walls. If you enjoy beer, you will be happy to know that the place is popular for its brews and is jam-packed with breweries and local taverns! Go in July during the International Magician and Street Performers’ Festival or in August for the Sandkirchweih Fair.

  7. Landshut – Some of the main attractions of this Bavarian town is Trausnitz Castle and the multi-coloured facades of the homes. Time your visit during the Royal Wedding Festival where it commemorates the royal wedding between Bavaria and Poland. You will see people in medieval clothing and watch the reenactment of the original affair. The next one is in 2017.

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