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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While You Travel

Ask Friends For Help

Always ask a trusted friend or neighbour to come by periodically to check on things and have a presence at your home. If you don’t put a stop on your mail, they’ll also need to clear your mailbox for you. Also if it’s winter time and you are using pipes for water etc, you want to make sure they don’t freeze. Your friend can come by and check the faucets to make sure they are being regulated properly.

Don’t Leave the Lights On

Leaving the lights on might seem like a great way to make it seem like you’re home. However leaving your lights on all night can look a bit suspicious. Not only that, but your electric bill will probably double the cost of your vacation. Your best bet? Purchase a light switch timer. If a potential robber sees the lights going on or off they’ll expect a human is operating it. Or not want to chance it if otherwise.

Make Copies of Important Documents

In the unfortunate situation that something does happen to your home while you are away, there are important documents you’ll need to have handy. Whether an unexpected flood or an unfortunate break-in, you’ll want to have your policy documents with you. Once you’ve assessed the damage from the incident, the first step to take to make a claim is to find your policy documents. You will have received these after searching for contents or buildings insurance quotes and choosing a policy. Hopefully, you will have kept them somewhere safe and have backup copies with you as your travel. Also double check to be sure you have a robust policy that will pay out in due time. However, you will need to pay the voluntary excess you agreed to when taking out the policy.

Unplug All Electronics

In order to avoid some of the potential hazards that could occur while you are away, always unplug every appliance you might have. Computers, laptops, kitchen appliances, televisions, DVD players, night lights, and anything else you have filling up your electrical sockets. Often appliances are still pulling in power even if they are switched in the “off” position. Unplugging everything before you leave will relieve the stress of a possible electrical malfunction or fire while you are away.

Don’t Tip Off Potential Criminals on the Web

While you may think that you are only “friends” with good people on Facebook, Twitter and the like, you never know who is able to see things you post. Especially with recent privacy settings, a lot of users don’t realise that a lot of things they are posting are not completely private. So before you go posting “Leaving the country for 10 days!”, make sure you check your privacy settings, or better yet, don’t post at all. Leave the comments for when you return.

Leaving your home alone for several days or weeks can be a very stressful situation. So whether you are enlisting the help of a friend, safe-guarding your home or double-checking to make sure you’re getting the most out of your recent home insurance quotes, there are always several precautions one can take to ensure a worry-free vacation.

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