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5 Must-Visit British Battlegrounds For The Traveling History Buff

England is the largest nation of the four nations that make Great Britain. It is one of the most economically stable countries in the world. This is evident from the previous engagements that England under the banner Great Britain have taken part in the past and won. Britain has always taken the bull by its horns; this is evident from the battles and wars that it has fought.

The Battle of Waterloo

For historians who want to know more about the battle of Waterloo they can visit England. While in England, they will have a chance to visit some historic sites where they can find more about the brave English soldiers. The Battle of Waterloo took place in 1815. It took place in Belgium south of Brussels. The armies involved were from Britain, Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands who were against the French army. The Generals of this army were The Prince of Orange, Marshal Blucher and the Duke of Wellington against Emperor Napoleon. The size of the armies involved were 23,000 British troops with 44,000 allied troops. The British had 160 guns who were against 74,000 French troops who had 250 guns. The winners of this war were the British and all their allied troops.

The Battle of Balaclava

People from Russia, France and Turkey can travel to England whenever they wish to learn about this battle. The war was called the Crimean war and started on the 25th October 1854. This army involved the British, French and Turkish troops who fought the Russian army.

The Battle of Colenso

England has a connection with Africa. Most countries in Africa were colonized by Great Britain hence speak the English language. Tourists from South Africa should visit England and get to know the details of this war. The Battle of Colenso started on the 15th of December 1899 at a place called the Colenso on the Tugela River in South Africa. It resulted in the Boer war. The people involved in this battle were the British who fought the Boers. The generals of these armies were General Botha and General Sir Redvers Bullers. The sizes of the armies were 12,000 Boers against 16,000 British.

The Jacobite Rebellion

This is the ideal place for the local tourists of Great Britain living in Scotland and England. This is one place the tourists from the two countries can visit when faced with a standoff. The Jacobite Rebellion took place between 1745 and 1746. These rebellions were aimed at James VII of Scotland and James II of England. The rebellion took the name Jacobus which means James in Latin.

The Battle of the Nile

Travelers from northern Africa can visit England so that they really understand the history of the Nile and how eventually it was named the Nile. The Battle of the Nile or the Aboukir Bay resulted in what is referred to as the Napoleonic war. The war commenced on the 1st August 1798. This battle took place in Egypt, east of Alexandria off Egypt coast. The combatants were the French navy against the British navy. The generals of this war were Admiral Brueys d’Aigalliers for the French fleet and Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson of the British army. The winners of this battle front were the British Fleet who won with resounding victory.

These are some of the rich historic happening that happened in Great Britain thus making English travel memorable.

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