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5 Must-Haves for Trekking in Snowdonia

The activities in Snowdonia are endless. Whether you are bringing your family on a leisurely hike, taking a train to the top of Snowdonia peak, or being more adventurous with mountain biking, rock climbing, or extreme hiking, Snowdonia is a great place to explore. Before you go on any adventure however, you should have a few things on hand.

Knowledge of the Weather

Traveling in a any mountainous area means the weather patterns change quickly. Although the mountains in Snowdonia are lower than most you might encounter in the world, the weather can still be an issue. You should always check out forecasts beforehand and never compromise your safety for a few moments of fun.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is always necessary to carry when you are on any long or adventurous trip. There are many UK first aid kits for the family that can help in the proper care of any accident or illness in the wild. Common first aid kits consist of supplies for the treatment of burns and wounds, skin cuts, deep cuts, insect bites and many other outdoor injuries. As accidents can happen anywhere, it is advisable to keep first aid kits nearby always to deal with emergencies until real medical care can be obtained.


Since Snowdonia has mountains that are small, they are often underestimated. If you are a newcomer, always assess the area, learn the maps & pinpoint the places you are going and how to get back before you go. On any adventure, no matter how short, you should always tell a friend or family member where you are going or when you expect to be back.

Food & Water

Food and Water cannot go unmentioned for any trip. Make sure to be adequately hydrated before you depart, have enough water to sustain you, or have equipment on hand to purify water you find along the way. In terms of food, pack a few snacks and a lunch for an afternoon hike, adding more to the menu the longer you plan to be out. Lightweight snacks such as fruit or trail mix tend to work best for short day hikes.

Good Clothes & Shoes

A lot of the terrain in Snowdonia can be unexpectedly steep and rocky depending on where you are venturing. No matter what the level of difficulty, you should always be wearing sturdy shoes and clothes for any hike. A supportive hiking boot can really give you the extra protection you might need on any terrain you encounter. Flexible & quick-dry clothing is also something you should consider when out in the wilderness. You will want to recover quickly from any unexpected rain or obstacles you might encounter. A great rule of thumb is to always bring an extra pair of socks.

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