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5 Exciting Travel Destinations For 2013

We Brits are fond of travelling to foreign countries. According to the latest UK government statistics, 55.5 million visits were made abroad in 2011 by UK residents, which grew by 2.3% compared to the previous year. Spain and France were the topmost destinations for British travellers. These two countries accounted for 34% of all visits abroad.

The New Year has just set in but it is likely that the wet summer of the previous year will encourage any British traveller to make plans ahead for travelling abroad in 2013. There are some places or destinations which have long been favourites for Brits. However, exploring some alternative destinations could be more challenging and adventurous for you in 2013.

Some suggestions…


Thailand has emerged over the years as a very exciting tourist destination for travellers from all over the world. A growing number of British travellers make holidays in Thailand every year. Thailand is a beautiful, tropical country with magnificent natural beauty and very friendly people. Thailand is a country that has never been colonised or occupied by any country. The country has a fascinating and rich cultural heritage. The beautiful beaches of Phuket, and the peaceful island of Koh Samui will give you a fantastic time. The countryside, beaches, great Thai food, and of course the bustling and entertaining Bangkok, the capital of Thailand will make your travel experience a lifetime remembrance.


Egypt does not need an introduction. There are so many things of attractions to do or see in Egypt that the list will be endless. There is more of Egypt to see other than the very famous and the iconic pyramids, and Sphinx. A Nile Cruise can be an ideal start for any British traveller to explore the Valley of the Kings, and famous Aswan. Cairo is a bustling city with numerous world class museums, ancient landmarks and a vibrant Egyptian life. The great Egyptian food is just as delicious as you can think of. There are plenty of budget hotels along with luxurious 5 star hotels in all the main tourist destinations in Egypt. The beaches, the sparkling water of the Red Sea resorts will make your holidays full of joy.


Probably for any British traveller Spain is one of the topmost travel destinations abroad. In fact, Spain remains the number one travel destination for British holidaymakers and has been a favourite for UK travellers. The most travelled places in Spain are the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca, and the Canary Islands of Tenerife and La Palma and Gomera. Catalonia and Costa de la Luz are also favourite beach destinations.

The availability of numerous low-cost airlines can be availed by any British traveller and explore interesting places in Spain. Cities like Palma and Seville with rich culture can be great destinations for breaks. Mountains, empty beaches, medieval towns, lively cities, beautiful countryside of Northern Spain will give you a real delight.


France is on the other side of the English Channel and one of the yet one of the most favourite travel destinations for the Brit travellers. Any British traveller would love to visit this beautiful land of champagne, world class arts, galleries, beaches, some of the best cuisines of the world and many more things. The beaches of Corsica, Ile de RĂ©, Monet’s Garden in Giverny, and Paris will give you a pleasant travel experience in France. If you love wine then France will be your favourite destination. You can take a wine tour too. You can go for an excursion to places such as Burgundy, Gascony and the Canal du Midi etc. Paris is full of fun with lovely food, world class museums, art galleries, and many more exciting things. The river Nice is another attraction.


Although the USA is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, far away from the UK, it remains one of the main tourist destinations for British travellers. 2013 can be a great year for any British traveller to explore one of the world’s most richest and powerful countries in many different areas. The impressive and vast diversity of landscapes, great American food, friendly people, many iconic cultural sites, famous cities and towns, and many more attractions will impress any British visitor immensely.

New York City can be the starting point for you. There is so much to see in this world city that you can spend weeks here without getting bored. New England is a charming place to visit. Travelling to Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia etc will give you an enjoyable time. Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle etc will be great places to see. Michigan, Great Lakes, Grand Canyon, the beaches of the west coast, the sunny and warm weather of California, vast tracks of wilderness, mountains etc will certainly astonish you when you travel to the USA.

There are many more destinations abroad for 2013 like Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, the Maldives, Italy, Japan, UAE, South Africa and many more places for British travellers to get sun, fun and joy in the summer of 2013.

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