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5 Essential things to carry on a road trip

Road Trip

Road Trip

Would you love to go on a tension free road trip? If yes, then make make sure you plan before hand and bag in all the essential stuff you need. This will help you enjoy your trip and explore the world to fullest. However make sure you don’t over pack as it shouldn’t add as an extra burden to you during the trip.

Here are a few essential which you must carry on a road trip.

Plenty of water:

This is a must! Without water nothing is possible so make sure to take ample amount of water while your going on a road trip. Your body will be dehydrated due to long hours of traveling so more intake of water will keep you lively and hydrated.


You will require a lot of food for long trips and in order to maintain low cost and stay healthy, pack in fruits, sandwiches, energy bars and some snacks. This kind of food will have nutritional value along with filling your stomach.


Paper maps are a must when you are wandering in the unknown. You can’t always rely on your phone maps as electronic devises might get conked off any time. So, it’s safe to carry a handy paper map to keep a track of the route you are following.


Since smartphones are meant to be smarter than you, it is always good to have one. They are useful for all kinds of purposes. For instance, immediate access to internet, posting pictures on instagram, playing freebingo at Game Village, everything is possible with a single click. But most importantly, don’t forget to carry a charger with more than two ports.

First Aid Kit:

One of the most important thing to carry would be a first aid kid and other emergency supplies. Not always accidents are preventable and you will be far away from getting any kind of help, so it’s very important to strap in a safety kit no matter how confident you are.

Have an awesome trip!

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