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5 British Blogs that I enjoy to read with a proper cuppa!

There’s nothing I enjoy more than putting on a brew, lounging back on the sofa and tucking in to my favourite blogs for the afternoon.


It’s become more important to know which blogs I want to look at or my cuppa has gone ice cold by the time I’ve found something decent to read. The internet is loaded up with blogs that will basically just waste your time and ruin your mood!


I have managed to whittle down the blogs I read to 5, best of all they’re British. Of course there are amazing blogs from all over the globe but I thought I’d represent my home nation on this one.

So put on the kettle, put your feet up and get ready to enjoy the best of British blogs.


If you love football and satire then look no further than this amazing blog. Satire is at it’s best when you genuinely believe that the story could be true. Lolfootball is sport satire at it’s absolute best! This blog is number one on this list for good reason, and that reason is because it’s my go to site every time the cuppa is ready!

Man vs clock

Written by a proper northern lad with great stories and even better teeth, this travel and lifestyle blog never fails to deliver. This man has been to so many outlandish places, but best of all he has a style of writing that makes them sound out of this world. He has also made a ton of money online, so if you’re looking for tips check him out asap.

The London Foodie

You’ve got to love a good food blog! I think we’ve all sat there with our mouth watering, looking at the tasty delights that look so easy to make, thinking ‘I’ll make that tomorrow’ – of course that rarely happens but it’s a decent thought! This is why The London Foodie makes my list. A really well presented blog, brilliantly written and what’s more is that it genuinely does have some easy recipes to follow, if I can do it then anyone can!

Design Lovers Blog

I always am looking for interior design ideas for the dream home that I have in my head. There’s no better place to look than this amazing blog that is loaded with inspiration and colour. It’s run by the english bloggers, Sam and Jill, that have a great eye for design and offer up amazing resources to their readers.

The Guardian Film Blog

Forget the usual sites that you go to check reviews and ratings, instead get your teeth sunk into the Guardian’s film blog. It’s unapologetically honest and hasn’t failed me yet. If the critics there love a movie they will tell you and vice versa if they despise it – they won’t wax lyrical over a movie just because it comes from a big studio or famous director. One not to miss!

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