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5 Breathtaking Backpacking Trips That Aren’t in Europe

Travelling to other places is one of the most important things you should take advantage if you want some time to relax and unwind, as well explore more. Well, it’s true that not every backpacker wants and looks for the same experience. But no matter what you are really looking for, it would be best to backpack at places that will be convenient enough but where you’ll also be experiencing something different. If you are then planning for your first backpacking trip outside Europe, here are 5 breath-taking places that you can visit and enjoy.

1. The Morocco Adventure

Morocco is a paradise you should visit if you are after a great adventure. It is such a great place where you will find superb coast, wild deserts, and fabulous mountain vistas. While you are there experience sands in your shoes from the Sahara Desert. You can also walk around Rabat which as an impressively clean neighbourhood and has so many interesting things that you can explore. Don’t forget to try tagine which is a typical Moroccan dish baked in a closed clay pot put over a fire and served together with round bread. If you are travelling alone and on a tight budget, Morocco is the perfect destination for your kind of adventure. The best time you can visit this paradise is during spring by mid March to May and during the autumn seasons from September to November.

2. Explore Australia, The Land Down Under

World famous for its amazing beauty, Australia is a great place for backpacking. This wonderful continent is smooth, easy, and safe to travel around. If you would like to witness stunning city views in Australia, as well as bliss of blue waters, you can watch from the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you love the beach, just grab your hat, put on some lotion, and sun bathe. You can also try snorkelling and more excitingly dive at the Great Barrier Reef to. With so many interesting stuffs in Australia, you cannot possibly see and do everything in just one trip. Australia is definitely a must for every traveller like you if you wish to explore a natural wonder.

3. Enjoy Amazing Tranquillity in India

A country of contrast and a lot of dimension, India is one place you should surely get to visit and enjoy at. India is a huge Southern Asia country that is simply fascinating because of it great tourist attractions. If you get the chance to travel to India, you will get to see the marvels of the Himalayan peaks, swim through and chill on their exotic beaches like the beaches in Goa and Kerala. For great tranquillity, you can visit spiritual places and temples in India such as Haridwar, Varanais, and Bodhgaya. For sure, you will definitely enjoy their food that is extremely cheap and lodgings that are given out on a bargain.

4. Discover the Wilderness in Uganda

Uganda is one of the most popular places in the world where you can get to find the greatest safari attractions. Said to be the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda features more than 10 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries such as the Murchison Fall National Park which is the largest park in Uganda and the Queen Elizabeth National Park that is said to be one of Uganda’s outstanding treasure. If you love and enjoy birds, Uganda is the place you can go because it has more than a thousand bird species. Nonetheless, getting to Uganda’s national parks and sanctuaries can be roughing it because you will have to hire a private vehicle.

5. Heavenly Argentina

With superb landscapes and truly untouched regions, Argentina is a place you should include in your great backpacking places to visit. As soon as you get to step in Argentina, you can visit most of its amazing place like in Patagonia where you can be alone and easily escape the crowd. If you wish to experience great nightlife, the capital Buenos Aires welcomes you with it great clubs, bars, and restaurants. With all these things, you will surely never go wrong about choosing Argentina as your next travel destination.

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