5 Best Beaches in the UK

Porthminster Beach, St Ives by Graham Horn (Creative Commons)

Porthminster Beach, St Ives by Graham Horn (Creative Commons)

When tourists picture the United Kingdom, its beaches may not be the first thing that spring to mind. The U.K., made up of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, is home to many impressive cultural and historical attractions, but its miles of picturesque shorelines include many beaches that aren’t to be missed. With comfortable temperatures and stunning waters, beaches in the U.K. are like none other in the world, and whether you’re looking for a destination a little bit off the beaten path or a family-friendly spot, this country has a beach for you.

1. Porthmister Beach, St. Ives

Porthminster Beach is well-known for it’s and calm, clear waters, which make it an excellent spot for both swimming and relaxing on the shore. Tourists taking a stroll along the sandy shore can enjoy the amazing views of Godrevy Lighthouse, located in St. Ives Bay, which Virginia Woolf made famous in her novel To the Lighthouse. Conveniently located near the center of St. Ives, this Beach is one of the largest in the area, and there are several award-winning beach cafes nearby. St. Ives’ sunny weather and palm trees may make visitors feel as if they’re in the tropics rather than the southwest of England, and there is lots to see in the area, including several popular art galleries.

2. Rhossili Bay, Wales

Stretching for three miles along Wales’ southern shoreline, the beach at Rhossili Bay is known for its golden sand and beautiful waters, and the backdrop of stunning cliffs isn’t bad either. The beach is great for swimming and relaxing, but tourists looking for excitement will also find a wealth of water sports in the area. Surfing is especially popular, with the Atlantic swell making for some great waves. Hikers will find some great footpaths where they can take in the views, and the Worm’s Head, a mile long island that juts out into the bay, is a must-see destination. As Rhossili is a small village, the area rarely becomes overcrowded, which makes this beach a great spot for travelers who want a more secluded feel to their vacation.

3. Woolacombe Bay, Devon

The coastal path to wonderful Woolacombe Bay in Devon by Fingerszz (Creative Commons)

The coastal path to wonderful Woolacombe Bay in Devon by Fingerszz (Creative Commons)

Located in north Devon, the beach at Woolacombe Bay is known for amazing scenery, but it’s also very accessible and clean, and the lifeguards on duty make it a safe spot for families with children. With many activities in the area, Woolacombe Bay is an ideal destination for travelers who want to do more than swim. Surfing is a popular sport in the area, and visitors will find several schools that offer lessons for beginners. Also popular are boat tours that offer glimpses of the local sea life. Visitors can also take an excursion to Lundy, a small island in the Bristol channel that has been named one of Britain’s greatest natural wonders.

4. Nairn Beach, Nairn

Situated along the Moray Firth, Nairn Beach offers some of the most spectacular views Scotland has to offer. Nairn also has some of the sunniest weather in the country, but visitors will find that this sandy beach is a largely undiscovered gem, and even in the summer months, it doesn’t get overcrowded. This leads to a laid-back atmosphere, which is ideal for visitors who just want to sunbathe or relax on the shore with a book. While taking a swim, tourists may even spot one of Moray Firth’s famous dolphins. Nairn is in the Scottish Highlands, and the town is and ideal point to start exploring the area. Walking tours are a great way to see the local wildlife, and birdwatching a popular activity.

5. Blackpool Central Beach, Blackpool 

The seaside resort town of Blackpool is one of England’s most popular holiday destinations, and staying in a hotel by Blackpool’s seafront is a quintessential English holiday. Blackpool Central Beach is located near many hotels, making it one of the most convenient and popular destination. Visitors will find sandy beaches and blue waters, but there are also many restaurants, ice cream stands, shops, and arcades located near the shore. This beach is an excellent place for families with small children, and there are plenty of activities, including donkey rides, to keep them occupied.




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