5 Adventurous Treks in Europe

Whether you want to take an easy hike across the French countryside or opt for a tougher trek which takes you around a massive mountain, trekkers and walkers are certainly spoiled for choice in Europe. For those of you in search of hiking inspiration, take a minute and check out this site and our below recommendations for some of the best trekking paths in Europe.

Mont Blanc, France

Climbing the slopes of the highest peak in Europe can be a bit daunting but also certainly satisfying. If you are ready to rough it out and have at least a week on hand, then look forward to the quaint mountain huts of Chamonix in this region. The breathtaking view of the glacier and towering mountains beyond makes the hike up to this point extremely enthralling and sure to result in life-long memories. Your party can stay in professionally built mountain refuges and watch the more seasoned mountaineers pass by. However, know before setting off that prior acclimatization to altitudes, weather, and nature is a must. This is not a trek to try if you’re inexperienced.

Corsica, France

The mountains of Corsica certainly beckon in the traditional and laid back village of Bocognano. Experience the culture, language and cuisines of the Corsican population as you traverse the beautifully landscaped paths. With a plethora of natural bounties and magnificent locales in store, the Corsican topography is served by mountain railway tracks which bring you up to a height of 650 meters. Well connected with Ajaccio and Corte, this natural trekking trail whips up diverse ranges of walking paths and hike routes. Be it the high hills or the sandy stretches beyond, walking and hiking through the scenic villages of Bocognano can certainly be a lot of fun.

Pyrenees, Border of France & Spain

The Pyrenees High Route is a classic adventure trail which promises to take you through the entire range and also gives access to the slopes of Pico Aneto. With wild scenery and challenging stretches, trekkers are offered a mixed bag of challenges as they move from hut to hut in the rugged terrains. If you have a few extra days on hand consider visiting Aigues Tortes National Park, a natural haven of easy summits and glacial lakes, along with visiting the base camp of Pico Aneto (3,404 meters).

Sierra de Aitana, Spain

If you’re looking for stunning locales and impressive views of the Mediterranean, then just book yourself for a magnificent trek in Sierra de Aitana. Located in the province of Alicante, the walking trails and trekking routes in the region offer an escape from the maddening crowds. Trekkers will find themselves on traditional mule tracks and footpaths which are located along ridge lines. With panoramic views of the terrains beyond, this walk also introduces trekkers to castles, springs and limestone amphitheatres.

Picos, Spain

The wonderful and varied walks of Picos de Europa bring hikers and trekkers closer to ridges, limestone peaks and deep valleys. With rapidly changing vegetation and topographies, this walk is distinguished by its tranquility and peaceful environs. The region provides plenty of photographic opportunities and is definitely a haven for nature lovers. Do remember to spot the golden eagle, griffon vulture and golden salamander, which are common in these parts.

Photo by tochis on Flickr

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