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4 tips to mix pleasure into your business trip

Who says business and pleasure trips have to be mutually exclusive? Most of the time, business trips can be adjusted to add little bit of pleasure and it won’t take too much time to do so. Just think about your latest business trip and ask yourself, what was it really that made it all business and no pleasure? Yes, you can easily turn your business travel into leisure and far more enjoyable by strategically scheduling personal downtime in and around your business meetings and events.


Try out these few tips that shall help you mix a little enjoyment into your business trip:

1.Venture away from your destination

If you are attending a business event, stay in a different hotel than where the event is hosted.In case your meetings are not scheduled tightly and when your business travel permits, try to book a hotel a few blocks away instead. Thus, heading to a meeting or event, you can take a stroll and breathe in the new city on your way. You can also research little bit about the nearby attractions and map routes. If possible, extend your visit so that you can explore popular sights, wander aimlessly or even plan meticulously for something you’ve always dreamt about. Basically, take the advantage of the downtime, next time you plan for a business trip.

2.Make Connections


It is a great advantage for you if you know someone who lives in the area you’re visiting. Reach out to your friends or associates who live in that area, as networking is helpful to maintain relationships. You might get a good chance to know the best hotel or serviced apartment in the town, best local cuisine and other useful tips. Your friends might also help you secure excellent rooms or reservations. Another good thing is that you can take it as a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends, or decide how you’re going to network and make some new friends as part of your business trip.

3.Be flexible about your schedule


It is always tiring to travel by plane, which includes long security lines and maybe delayed flights. Therefore, it is important to be flexible about your schedule, keeping some extra time before and after boarding the flight in case you don’t have to go to your office immediately after travelling. Freeing yourself up for an entire day of leisure is a good thing to do by arranging your meetings and flights smartly.

Use the extra given time to explore popular attractions andget some rest, so that you can go into the next meeting well rested or even volunteer to boardnext flight. However, if you’re worried about having to go back to your office, you need to check how much flexibility you have in staying longer.

4.Consider making business trips into a family vacation


Going out on a business trip doesn’t mean you have to sit in meetings all day, hence you can consider to bring your family along to turn the trip into leisure. In case your schedule is not too hectic and your business will not get hampered due to your family, you should plan ahead and utilise your personal time and spend it as quality time with the people you care about. Bringing family along while going for business trip might require some extra work and planning but you try and see if it is possible to combine them for a happier and more productive tour. Hanging out with family will be a great way to unwind after a long day. You can figure out the best way to combine business and leisure for a happier and more productive journey.

Next time when you plan for a business trip, take a second look at your restrictions and travel itinerary to make it more pleasurable.

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