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3 Ways to Make Your Travel Experience Even Better

Check flight status before leaving

Air travel is tightly regulated and safe. However, the many checks and balances make it somewhat complicated to understand flying times, check in, arrival times etc. For some, the understanding this information is akin to a science, especially when you throw in those 24 hour clocks. You still need to understand your flight times in order to avoid missing your flight, and incurring hundreds of dollars and wasted time to get a new one.

One of the best ways of doing so is by simply checking it on Google 24 hours before your flight. Type out your airline and the flight number you want to check. Google will then give you your flight status as the first search item. This includes your departure time and the status of the flight. If there is any delay, it will tell you.

Knowing about delays beforehand can help make your trip so much more convenient. You can sort out accommodation, get snacks, as well as inform those who are to receive you much earlier about the delay. It makes your travelling much smoother, especially at the start of a long trip.

Research travel insurance well

Travel insurance for many is a necessary evil. It is that purchase that you will make just to ease your conscience that you are not tempting fate. Others will avoid it altogether, choosing to take their odds with karma and kismet. The best approach is to ensure you get a good travel insurance that works for your specific interests.

That is why it is paramount to do proper research before buying. Avoid buying the bundled on insurance your agents tempt you with, it is always more expensive. Instead, do your homework on the best insurance to get. It is hard work, but it will pay. If push comes to shove and you have to issue a claim, you will be happy you insured with a good and reputable company. What’s more, in today’s world of eco-responsibility, it is possible to get travel insurance that will also help conserve the environment.

For good rates in the UK try Navigator Travel Insurance.

Volunteer when abroad

Travelling abroad can simply be a holiday, a tour, or it can be a life-changing experience. For those who choose the latter, an intimate experience with the culture you are visiting is mandatory. While staying with a host family will give you this, volunteering takes it to the next level. Volunteering allows you to change the world, however small the change, and experience the joy of making the world a better place. This will not only impact wherever you volunteer, it will undoubtedly impact you as well.

Today, there are many opportunities to volunteer across the world. The thing is to identify a cause that you believe in, then proceed to offer your skills and services to an organization within that field. This deeply rewarding experience will leave you with a changed mindset.

Volunteering doesn’t mean you don’t have fun. Volunteering can be a draining and exhausting affair. Therefore ensure you take time to do more “touristy” activities, even as you do good. Take a retreat, especially toward the end of your holiday period to relax, unwind, and recharge before going back.

This post was written by Tom, editor at Malta Holidays, who knows a thing or two about difficult journeys!

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