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Brittany is a great choice of holiday destination for families, groups and people of all ages. It is an enchanting corner of France rich in myth, legend, music and folklore.  With traditional instruments playing in the background, children will be thrilled with stories of giants, Merlin, goblins and King Arthur.

If tales and music do not intrigue you, then the stunning scenery in Brittany will cast a spell on you, the coastline is enchanting with its ruggedness and lighthouses, windswept heaths and charming villages. There are medieval towns to explore such as Concarneu and Carnac, where you will find some of the most photographed sites in Brittany. The harbors are compelling some displaying ancient 14th century ramparts which will take you back in time.

Family holidays in Brittany also offer a variety of accommodations from chateaux, to hotels and even camping sites. This makes it ideal for any kind of budget yet giving an opportunity for everyone to enjoy this fine corner of France.


Algarve is popular with anything touristic, though most people head for the same coastal strip in central Algarve which is seeing a lot of concrete structures overtaking every green space, the secret is heading to the deserted lagoons east of Faro or head for the mainland to the pine covered hills.

The West Coast you will find the historical town of Sagres which is dotted with secluded coves and beautiful beaches with rolling waves. The central coast is ideal for families and is much more developed with world-class golf courses and luxurious resorts. The East Coast is quieter and you will find island lagoons, endless sandy beaches and charming cities. If you like an activity filled holiday in the lush hills, you can head to the mainland where after a long day outdoors you can treat yourselves to relaxing spas.

Whatever you choose to explore, family holidays in the Algarve are a treasure trove for anyone wanting to experience something different.


Cyprus is simply a paradise in the sun inviting families to its golden beaches, explore its magical sites seeping with history and enjoy its culinary delights. It is a perfect destination for families seeking to spend some time doing nothing or doing a little bit of everything.  Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, you can expect an intriguing blend of cultures yet still culminating in a balanced atmosphere.  The sun, sand and sea will offer irresistible fun experience for parents and kids.

Whether you are a culture vulture, seeking action or tranquility in Cyprus, you are bound to find the right place suitable for you. From the World Heritage Site of Paphos with its impressive harbor and incredible 12th century frescoes to the tranquil Akamas National park with its intriguing mix of flora and fauna and to the picture perfect baths of Aphrodite, Cyprus has a piece of heaven for everyone.

Aside from the gorgeous beaches where all the action is packed, there are other places such as water parks where kids can enjoy fun activities sliding through the scary slides or the more timid slides for the faint hearted.


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