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10 Unique Vacation Destinations Around The World

World travel, particularly if you have to stick to a budget, can be a bit of a daunting prospect. Though there are fascinating locations all over the world, sometimes it’s more tempting to simply pack up your car, double check your Aviva insurance policy, and take off on a simple UK road trip. But if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous about your travel plans this year, here are 10 spectacular, somewhat off-the-radar destinations around the world to consider.

1. Hobart, Tasmania

Known largely for its emergence as an eco-friendly city, Hobart is an increasingly popular destination. Located in Tasmania, Hobart is a bit obscure for many tourists, but it’s a worthwhile stop during any Australian vacation.

2. Myanmar

Southeast Asia is a popular region for western tourists, but Myanmar has long been shunned due to political instability. With things in that arena improving, however, Myanmar is back on the radar and should offer a very genuine vacation experience due to having been avoided for years.

3. Iceland

Something of a tourist hotspot for years now, Iceland is particularly appealing in 2013. Internal economic issues, while unfortunate in Iceland, have helped to bring down the costs of tourism, making this tiny north Atlantic country easier to visit.

4. Magdalen Islands

Featuring incredible geographic variety, from beaches and cliffs to rolling green hills, this chain of islands near Nova Scotia makes for a great destination for outdoors lovers. In particular, water sports enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy about the Magdalen Islands.

5. Rwanda

Despite a history of genocide, today’s Rwanda is a peaceful and beautiful corner of Africa ideal for vacationers looking for nature and wildlife. Gorilla tracking, safari, and bird watching expeditions in particular tend to attract visitors.

6. California, USA

From beautiful beaches, to wine country, to big cities, California offers an incredibly dynamic experience for people visiting the U.S. Though there are several cities worth visiting all on their own, a road trip through the state is also a great option.

7. Madagascar

Known for unique wildlife and vegetation, some of which can’t be found naturally anywhere else in the world, Madagascar is a wonderful destination for scientific-minded travellers. Plenty of national parks make for a busy but relaxing experience.

8. Azore Islands

These volcanic islands well west of Portugal barely register attention on a world map. However, due to entirely unique culture and food, as well as beautiful, otherworldly geography, the Azores make for an incredibly interesting vacation.

9. Bhutan

Known for measuring success by “gross national happiness” rather than product, Bhutan is a fascinating country that blends the ancient world with the modern. At the edge of the Himalayas, Bhutan is home to natural beauty, practicing monks, and ancient culture that is fascinating to outsiders.

10. Mykonos, Greece

While much attention is paid to neighboring island Santorini, Mykonos is a more accessible alternative. With all of the postcard beauty of the Greek isles, Mykonos is more affordable for travellers, with a lighter, more festive atmosphere.

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