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10 Reasons to Visit Turkey This Year

For years, Turkey has offered foreign visitors the perfect vacation, but since the world is full of beautiful places, a lot of people have a tough time deciding about their holiday destination. If you are wondering about why Turkey is a great tourist destination and a terrific country to visit this year, read on.

1. Sun and Sea Galore

The Mediterranean climate, the abundant nature, and the plentiful sun, especially in Bodrum and Antalya, are the reason why beach lovers consider Turkey a paradise. In fact, a lot of people visit Turkey simply to enjoy the beauty of the turquoise sea and sandy beaches.

2. Mouth-watering Turkish Grub

Turkish grub such as kebab, lokum, doner, manti, kofte and other dishes are just some of the reasons why this country is becoming more popular to visit this year. Take note, aside from mouth-watering dishes you will also enjoy eating freshly baked sweets & desserts sold in many shops and side streets. Even better are the fresh fish and locally harvested fruits sold at the markets in town.

3. Colorful Turkish Culture and Tradition

If you find history, ancient buildings, and archaeological sites interesting then visiting Turkey is certainly a lovely idea. The country is rich in history and legends that will make your vacation extraordinary. Before you go, feel free to read more about the great scenery, tradition and culture you’ll find in Turkey.

4. Turkish Grand Bazaar

Turkey is a brilliant place to be when you love going to the local bazaar as the capital city is home one of the best bazaars in the world. The city of Istanbul is divided into two continents, so you will absolutely enjoy shopping and haggling in a bazaar that does not only offer unique Turkish products like pottery, and other beautiful decor but products from two continents. By the way, the bazaar in Turkey is full of a variety of bean shops, to the local restaurant vendors that line the streets.

5. Thrilling Activities

Turkey offers a lot of thrilling activities, suitable for those who enjoy fun and exciting sports. You can paraglide over the Olu Deniz, ride on a hot air balloon over the Cappadocia, go on a horse ride, or jeep safari ride for your daily adrenalin rush.

6. Legendary Ancient Ruins

Are you familiar with the story of Troy or Noah’s Ark? Well if you are, you’ll want to check out these places then visiting Turkey. It is imperative as the city of Troy and the site of the famous Trojan War is along the Aegean coast, while Mount Ararat, said to be resting place of Noah, is just east of Turkey.

7. Fabulous Shopping

Aside from the Grand Bazaar, Turkey has some fantastic and unique shopping opportunities. You can find some great deals from local vendors on goods such as beautiful carpets, interesting ceramics, and other elaborate decorations. The spices they have available are exquisite and you’ll definitely want to take some home with you. You’ll find elaborate fabrics and beautiful clothing options as well.

8. Affordable Accommodation

Turkey has adequate and affordable accommodation all around. Depending on your preferences, you can find a beautiful and lavish hotel with sometimes affordable rates because of the stiff competition. Either way you’ll always find somewhere suitable to stay no matter what your tastes or budget.

9. Amazing Scenery

Turkey is one of the top destinations for this year because the country has many beautiful places to explore. From the beaches to the historical sites, Turkey is all-around great for photographs and unbeatable memories.

10. The Friendly Turkish People

Turkish people are known throughout the world as welcoming and good-natured. It is common to be welcomed by someone with a smile and open arms or be invited for a cup of coffee. You’ll continuously run into helpful strangers who love to accommodate and give proper advice to tourists.

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